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Friday, March 13, 2015

more updates....

So work is gradually progressing with my angel shrine doll but I’m not sure how happy I am with the way he’s coming up.
But all things considered, and given that I’ve never made something like this before, I’m not unhappy with him.  :)

I’m thinking he looks more like a marionette doll rather than a folk art doll, but then there’s nothing wrong with that is there! There is still work to do on his head as well as his eyes and he’s going to be wearing something on his head.
I hadn't realised how starkly white the wings look until I looked at this photo! :) Might have to tone them down a wee bit!
I accept that I can’t be an overnight success and turn out wonderful pieces like Daryle’s gorgeous dolls!  :) and the main thing is I’m really enjoying working with the paperclay.

Now, the body might be a different story altogether! I think next time I’ll make sure I use something a bit less ‘complicated’ in structure and definitely not RED VARNISHED!!!!.
Ha!! Now that’s a challenge in itself without everything else that is done in this piece. Think sanding all the different surfaces that needed some sanding and think endless red dust!! I didn’t even bother sanding inside, but instead painted half of it with a wet surface of glue followed very closely with a coat of paint. I’ve read that chalk paint covers varnished finishes without sanding, and I’ve also read and been told that chalk paint has glue as one of it’s ingredients. Seems to have worked adequately for my purposes!  :)

I then glued some lovely bird tissue paper to the rest of the inside. Very fitting I thought given that my doll’s theme is Bird Watcher!
I still have more embellishments to add to the front of the door as well.
I’m not sure how many more videos there are but I’m really looking forward to them and then Daryle says he’s going to be putting up another workshop for a Book Faerie Doll using a vintage hard cover book! The trailer looks fantastic. Can’t wait!!

I haven’t been making much lately as I’ve been wrapped up with the angel doll but I did create a sweet pendant and necklace in a bird theme(of course!) to list in my Etsy store.

The pendant is built up on a metal pendant tray/bezel to which I’ve added a scrap of antique lace, a piece of artists’ paper, one of my handmade wire bird nests and a metal bird charm. The necklace part is made up from lengths of 3 other recycled/repurposed chain necklaces.
I love making altered pieces of art because they take on another completely different life, so to speak.

I’ve also made some headway with myself too! Yay! I’m now looking forward to sitting in my studio and working on whatever takes my fancy and feeling much happier within myself.  Thumbs up to me!!  :)

Since I posted about all this some weeks back, I’ve persevered with the green smoothies for breakfast every day, though I ended up with this lovely pink one today because I’d run out of spinach and used beetroot instead. But it was just as yummy!

I’m also making a huge effort to eat much more raw foods as in diverse salads, much less processed foods and to try to keep positive thoughts ongoing!
The fact that the temperature has finally started to drop considerably has probably had a bit to do with as well!!  lol.  

Reach for the stars - even if you have to stand on a cactus!  ~  Unknown


  1. Well done Pammie! You're on a roll now, there will be no stopping you!!xx

  2. Hi Pam,
    I like your theme for the doll and the head is great. I'm glad you are sharing the steps. The body looks good. I like all the paper and embellishments. I'm not so sure about drinking spinach smoothies. But if it's making you feel good keep it going. Enjoy! Hugs, Linda

  3. Noice. You will get there, and then you can show me!!! Kudos to you and an A for perseverence (is that spelled right?) <3 Sandy

  4. Very Nice Pam, can't wait to see the finished product in all it's awesomeness. Glad to hear you are feeling much better as well. All that wonderful healthy food has to be making a difference. xx


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