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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

He's finished!......well sort of!

Here he is then. Of course you won't know who he is if you haven't followed along with my last few posts! He's probably as finished as he'll ever be.......though I'll more than likely add other little things as time goes by, cos I'm going to keep him for myself rather than sell him.

Only problem is that at the moment he has a very shiny face(it dries glossy) because the *%_)(@ crackle medium was a total fail! Not very happy at all! Daryle uses ArtDeco One-Step Crackle and from what I've read it's quite a good product. 
But anyone would think we lived in the sticks instead of only 30-40 mins outside the city centre given how hard it is to buy things here sometimes! The one I found that I thought was going to do the same thing was Sullivan's brand from Lincraft but have made a huge note to self never to try them again!!!

Here he is just after the medium went on and you can see I have heaps of wet on there, as you're supposed to for large cracks. Left it overnight so thought it would be good and ready......but couldn't see any crackling at all so tried a bit of paint(up on top of his head just in case it didn't work cos it would be hidden by his 'hat').
....and of course it didn't work and in fact the paint seemed to 'melt' the medium and it went all glicky. So I stopped right there. 
Stoopid Sullivan's!!!
and just to show you how good the face can look take a look at Daryle's little guy's head! click on the photo to see it properly. He's done an amazing job on it.

So for now he can just sit in all his glory with a shiny face for a while until I find the proper stuff to use. But you know I'm just loving his face even with the shine and even though I know he would look so much nicer with the crackled effect. 
It's lovely to have my own little bird watcher!  :)

Hinges were to be used to attach the wings so that they would be articulated a bit, but I found that the wall of the body was too thin to use screws or nails so I made up my own 'hinges'. Bit too obvious though!  :)
I've thoroughly enjoyed this whole process and it was so much easier than I thought it would be. Daryle's wonderful workshop showed me how to work with the paperclay and now I want to make more dolls and faces, and maybe even little birds to perch on his box body instead of the mushroom/commercial ones I have on there at the moment.

Thanks so very much Daryle! Can't wait for your next workshop!

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  1. I like his shiny face, shows he lives in the real world with us! Excellent job Pam, take a bow!

  2. Lady Pam, he is awesome !! All the way up to his shiny face 😊, we used to use a Jo Sonja crackle medium, there were two, one for under paint and one for over paint. Well done you nailed the brief. Xoxox

  3. Pam, Your Bird man turned out fantastic. I love your theme. I really like how you embellished the box. As for the crackle medium I've had some trouble with it in the past too. Is this the kind you are suppose to wipe on a stain or a darker paint then wipe off so to reveal the cracks? It's scary stuff. By the way his hat is awesome. Hugs, Linda

  4. Pam… your doll represents everything (and then some) I had hoped to see by offering the "Angel Shrine Doll Workshop". You have created an integrated, delightful, engaging, whimsical (you get the idea… I love him) shrine doll. I am a "birder" from way back and so the story that you tell just resonates in my soul. The applied music is perfect. As I noted back on my blog… I lament over your frustration with the crackle medium. I can only say that DecoArt One Step has never failed me. As for the "shine"… all crackle products will leave a shine; I use (Yup! DecoArt/Plaid) Matte Sealer to take care of it. The matte sealer will give your doll a softened, warm, no-shine look. Thank for sharing this journey with all of us… inspiring you are! Daryle

  5. Pam, I did a post about the art dolls finally and I have a link to you my friend.
    Hugs, Linda


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