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Monday, November 10, 2014


 The word for Our Beautiful World this week is
chosen by Kirsty with summer almost here, I've started back on smoothies for breakfast and I love these little bundles of juicy antioxidants mixed in!

They are of course blueberries.

This morning's delight came out like this because as well as the blueberries, kale, seeds, oils, and banana etc I added in beetroot!
It's great for the liver you know, as well as tasting great!  :)

Anyone is welcome to join in. 


You know you've made it when you can dye your hair blue!  ~  Demi Lovato

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

I'm back with Our Beautiful World

 Having been missing in action for quite some months, I thought perhaps joining in with a 'play along' might help me to get started back into blogging again.

So I'm joining in with Our Beautiful World blog where we "Take a photo according to the prompt each week (regular photography, photoshopped photos, instagram, lomography, etc all welcome!), come back to this blog and link up with the linking system. Then hop around to see what others have to offer in their part of the world. It's interesting to see what life is about in different corners of the world, so we can't wait to see your photos!" 

This week's word prompt is VEGETABLES which was chosen by Manuela.

I have a few vegetables growing at the moment but they have a little way to go.
Though I've had some nice feeds from the kale....


 ....and rocket!

Had to put up chicken wire to keep out our furry babies, birds and possums...though I don't suppose it would stop the possums if they really wanted to get into the garden!  :)

Roma tomatoes

 ...only tiny yet, but they'll be sooo tasty I'm sure!

 LOVE rocket!! lol

and last but not least is the pumpkin that I grew myself from seeds from a bought pumpkin. Butternut I think it was, from memory....though could be Jap! Either way I'll enjoy it.  :)

To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow.  ~  Audrey Hepburn
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