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Thursday, April 9, 2015

another art doll..... :)

Spurred on by my enjoyment from making the first two, I decided to make another mixed media art doll and did her in a light Steampunk style. Steampunk, if it's not too dark, is one of my favourite styles!
 Hope you like her as much as I do!

I found the making of the top hat much easier than I thought it would be and I've used layers of fabric again for her skirts. a vintage hanky, striped cotton and some sort of shiny satiny stuff! Forgive my ignorance in the ways of fabric!!  :P
She's perched on top of a vintage wooden mill spindle, and I'm going to attach a wee metal tart tin for the base for the spindle so she stands well.

Some of you may remember this little lady from a previous post from last year. Well she never did speak to me in the end as to how she wanted to look when finished, so I undressed her and cut the chicken wire off and she is now the sassy steampunk lady above, just in case you didn't see that!  ;)

I also managed to finally finish this little mixed up piece made from a wire cloche(with a small white porcelaine top knob), one of my sweet dormice in his nest, a metal fluted tart tin and an old glass candle holder.
Don't you love the way you can re-purpose just about any stuff you have into something that makes sense!?  ;)

...and an update on my angel shrine doll.
You may remember that I had a heap of trouble finding the proper crackling medium around here where I live and the one I did use didn't work at all!!?
Well I used one lent to me by my wonderful saviour(time and again) Ro, from over at Luvly Bears, and it worked beautifully, though the crackling may be a bit bigger than Daryle's came out with the medium he uses. Oh the one I used was Jo Sonja's Crackle Medium.
But I'm very happy with the result and it actually looks to me a bit like an old antique crazed piece of china would! So I think I might leave the shine on and not use a matte medium this time.

I may have to touch up his eyes though, as they look a bit opaque or flat. One of the wooden beads I used for them had a small split in it when I started and that might be the reason.

I had a bit of play time with the same Ro as above, over the Easter long weekend, and we had some fun with her gorgeous dyes and I came home with this fabulous bundle of joy!
Now to start using it in some projects for my Etsy store!
Ooh noice!

Not sure if you'll be interested, but I thought I'd start a little 'thing' about what's in my creative space and take a quick shot when I think there's something interesting/mysterious/intriguing on the table in front of me that I have been or am working on at the moment!
I won't necessarily be adding text to the photo, but I know I love looking at other creatives' works in progress so maybe you do too?
Anyhoo this shot was a couple of days ago but I'm still working on these, though I've added another project or two into the mix that aren't in the shot!  :)

Take care.....  x

Anyone who has never made a mistake, has never tried anything new. ~ Albert Einstein

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Mixed Media Art Dolls

Knowing I was going to be having coffee last Friday with a very good friend, Ro from Luvly Bears, after not having seen her for a while, I had to quickly decide on something to make her for her birthday which had been back in February!
I then had to just as quickly make it in just over one day!! Note to ready for friends' future birthdays!  ;)
So up until this morning my work tops have looked like a cyclone has been living on them!  :)

So, inspired by a piece by Robin Dudley-Howes, I decided on an art doll made from a lovely vintage porcelaine doll body. I say body because she had no arms or legs!
But I think she came up really well and fitted in well with the style.

 I parted with some gorgeous pieces of vintage bling that I had been coveting hoarding holding for just the right project to use them on....her crown and breast piece.
The metal piece of door hardware fitted in well as a whimsical wing piece.
Sorry about the skinny arms Ro, but they don't look too bad do they? They sort of fit in with the whimsical-ness of the piece...sort of...

The dress I made from sari silk and a gorgeous piece of antique lace that I was given many years ago.
I used a person sized locket that had actually been my own, that I bought when I was in my late teens. It can hold mementos inside so I used wee pieces of vintage lace.

After having so much fun making this one I decided I should make another one to sell.
This one is a bit different in that it doesn't have wings and is tied to a lovely old cover from a book that was over 100 yrs old!
I've wired an old bronze key to the top of the cover.

 Now this one was just the head that I was thinking was a frozen charlotte doll but I'm not sure she is actually. But I had to make a bit of a body to attach the head to so that I could then have something to hang the clothing from.

 This one is done in a pearl theme rather than bling and I'm very pleased with the outcome.

Her skirts are made up of netting under a dainty vintage hanky, under a beautiful strip of vintage lace.
She ended up about 10" long!

I'll be listing her in my Etsy store later this afternoon.
Thank you Robin!  ♥

and remember...

The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt.  ~  Sylvia Plath

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