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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Update on my angel shrine doll

My little guy is really taking on his own sweet character don't you think? I'm having so much fun and very excited with the whole process. It's much easier than I thought it would be.

If you've seen my previous post then you'll know that I'm doing a workshop by Daryle Cook on his new blog Cloth and Clay Doll Makers on how to make an Angel Shrine Doll using paperclay and other mixed media. ....and it's a very generous free workshop!!

I've now finished the first 4 videos and eagerly waiting for the next which I'm hoping will be tomorrow!
You may remember that in the first photo all that was showing on the head was the bead eyes and the nose. You can see how far I've gone now.
I love the way he looks(to me anyway) that he is or is about to say something.  :)

 We deal with arms in the next class!

I think I've decided that mixed media in altered style might be the thing I enjoy doing best. In a previous post I said I would show you a couple more, that I had been making at that time, in my next post, but that never eventuated so here they are now.

I love steampunk but don't get to make enough of it. I've combined pretty and steampunk to make this 'different' take on the style!

 Circus themes have become recent favourites of mine. This piece took a wee while but it was fun to work it out and make it, though it's not quite finished yet.

This final piece is a a fabric sailing boat that I made using an Ann Wood pattern.
Ann's pattern is to make a papier mache boat (with three different sizes included) but clever clogs here decided that she could do it in fabric instead! ;^)

On a final note, you may have noticed that I've managed to post quite a bit for moi just lately? I'm actually feeling much better than I was a few weeks back and feeling that I want to 'do' stuff. But more on that later. A huge heartfelt thank you to all those sweetest of sweet readers who left me such wonderfully supportive comments. Love to you all!
Thank you for reading down this far! ♥

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  1. Pam… Your Angel Shrine Doll is remarkable and again, the "structure" that you have chosen is perfectly suited to your doll's personality, as it emerges. What fun! Daryle

  2. Ixillint my dear sister.... Onwards and upwards. I can hear it now. "Yes, my sister is THAT Pam. The artist."

  3. You really got some awesome work going on there!

  4. Looks good Pam, Will you let us know what he is going to say? All of your pieces are so interesting. Thanks for sharing the class. I did start to watch the first one. I might try this one day if the videos are available, I actually have been looking around the house for a possible body. Still too much snow here for me to get out and off my little mountain to shop. Hugs, Linda


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