My whole life is an experiment . . . sometimes I get surprising results. - C Erdmann

My Story

I'm an artisan who is lucky enough to be able to try my hand at making a few $$ from home using my hands to create and a computer to show the world what I've got!

I started out making cloth dolls with needle sculpted faces, and other country and shabby chic type crafts, and went on to selling them through an online mag, The Chocolate Crow Trader in late 2007. This then lead to my own website in 2008 since closed, which was followed by my blogs(one I share with my sister) and another selling site/blog also now closed. 

After this site closed I tried my hand at selling my work on Etsy, and of course haven’t looked back. Moving over to this fantastic marketplace was the best move I personally could have made. 

My tastes and style have changed somewhat over this time, and I have even started designing my own creations. I then fell in love with mixed media, using this style in collage and altered art(with lots of found and vintage materials), and I’m having such a fun time with them! 

It seemed a natural progression to create as many eco-friendly  items in my repertoire, as I can, using these found objects, pre-loved and recycled materials. Therefore creating some really lovely altered/re-purposed products, and in the process helping to leave a much lighter environmental footprint on the earth.

Along the way I have made some very lovely and special friends amongst the other traders on the Crow and now through Blogland. I have to say that this has certainly opened up a whole new world to me!

Cheers, Pam  :))  x

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