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Thursday, May 23, 2013

me + studio + stuff + more fab etsy shops

Not sure about that look on my face or even what it seems to say! lol. Why do our faces never seem to look or say what we think they're going to when the pic is taken!! Can't believe I've actually put a pic of myself up here for the world to see! :) 

Yep it's me (and I seem to remember starting off my last post with much the same words!:)), how I look at the mo after a dubiously lucid moment during a bit of a funk! I decided I needed to cut it all off, and as you can tell that's what happened. No more beloved long bits in the front, but that's ok coz it's really easy to look after and it WILL grow back......eventually!  :)
I got my husband to do the deed with the clippers we use for his hair. Oh well, I used to wear it like this a few years back before I thought I'd like to have a proper style done by a proper hairdresser.

A very late Christmas pressie finally finished for my loverly sister Sandy over at Snapshots of Beauty.....long story, but, I do hope you like her sis.

You know, I'm a very lucky and very grateful gal, and I try to remember and appreciate it as often as I can. Below are pics of my studio space before and after the work that my husband and I recently did on it. See previous post if you have the time.
So the poor old car is now living outside and he and I both have much more room in each of our allocated work areas! How exciting is that?! Also means much more room for the girrls on our Wednesday crafty get togethers!
I'm very lucky to have a dh that is a bit clever with a hammer & an electric drill etc and given that he's not a carpenter/builder, managed to take down walls and re-erect them to give me my lovely new space! Thank you so very muchly darling husband of mine. You're a treasure! Of course I helped quite a bit too dontcha know, so I figure I'm a wee bit of a treasure too!! lol.


 after....with an extra 8x11ft-ish out into the garage. The shelves that were on the end of the old yellow table are now over on the side wall along with the air con.
This one also shows the two new retro tables mentioned in the last post too. and it's not as easy to see in this pic as I thought it would be, but hopefully you get the idea.


Even though a lot of my time has been taken up with the changes to the studio, I managed to change one of these cross over tops into a simple cardy by cutting off the rib bit, (thus opening up the front) and then added some lovely vintage lace (thanks to the bestie Joolz!) to the hem of it. Shame I didn't have any more of the lace though coz I could have added it to the sleeves as they're 3/4 length. Still to decide whether or not to put some sort of button, loop, catch or closure on the front. Any thoughts lovely readers?
I have 3 of these all up, a black one as well as the two above, and intend doing similar things to the other two. Thanks again to my sister who passed them my way! and two of them have matching sleeveless tops to match. Love cardies!

Two more lovely Etsy shops to promote....

The first is a very quirky and fun shop called tattaratscat. Great name for a start isn't it?!  :))
Evie handmakes all her goodies using beautiful fabrics and ethical can her shop not be good with those ideals? She specialises in Wunzies (onesies) and custom-made costumes and oh my don't they look great and fun?

           Wunzies for her and for him   Gorgeous Lolita JSK & Sweet Hello Kitty!

So if you're in the market for some fun one piece outfits or a fab costume for your next fancy dress up know where to go first!!   :)

The second shop is such a gloriously colourful place to visit and it's called Wimcee. Apart from all that fantastic colour, the byline is enough to make you stop and smile really.....wimcee's whims and chickadees.  :))
Stephanie's shop announcement says "My clothing range for children, wimcee's chickadees, is buzzing with boho chic and woodland woo-hoo." ....and she's not wrong! I'm sure any kid would love to be seen out and about in Stephanie's creations! She also has other great and different things to look through and smile at including bunting, tote bags and journal covers.                                       

 Girl's gorgeous crocheted skirt..very fab patchwork boys shorts...Retro flag bunting.

Some fab ideas for gifts for anyone's children, for Christmas or birthdays or just any day really!



So, there I have another blog post under the belt and I'll be back again next week! Can't get rid of me that easily you know!

If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door! ~  Unknown (to me)


  1. Oh wow what a long post!! Yes we love coming to play in your studio on a Wednesday!! Wish my hubby was that handy, at least I get to borrow yours on the odd occasion!! Lol!
    PS I may have found another piece of that lace! xx

  2. What a great space ! and you have each Wednesday to look forward to, nothing like creating with friends to bounce your ideas off. Your hair is great Pam and your very game to give hubby the clippers !! if I let mine handle them my hair would look like the back yard :-).
    lucky sister what a dear little heffalump
    I love what you girls do with your up-cycled clothing !!

  3. You have been busy Pam. Love the new do although letting hubby do it was a very very brave thing to do. Your studio looks amazing as do all your makings. xxx

  4. Hey there, I am loving my ephelant and I will probably call her Ephie. Thank you, looking forward to actually meeting her. Funnily, I was looking at the revamped tops and thought to myself "Oh, I've got some like that!" Then read on to see that I don't have them any more. Ha ha ha. Nice work. Very jealous of your space downstairs, will you lend me DH for a while? CU

  5. Oh My Goodness !! you allowed to let your husband near your that's one thing I couldn't trust my husband with. Must admit he did a good job with the new "Look"......Does he make a good curry too?

  6. Hi Pam, I love your hair and you sure to have a gem of husband not only can he cut hair he seems to be super handy around the house. You are a treasure too you always amaze me with how you transform and up-cycle clothes. I also love you new (to me) header. I'm trying to climb out of one of those funky places that has been keeping me from visiting folks and creating. Take care! Oh do I wish I could come to your crafty gatherings! lol Joyous Wishes, Linda


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