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Friday, May 31, 2013

by the skin of my teeth!....

That's a funny saying isn't it. It's not like our teeth have skin on them, though they certainly stick out of it!! lol!! Wonder where it came from?......might Mr Google it one day and find out!  :))
Back to the subject in hand and that's the last two Etsy shops on my list to promote for the month of May, and as it's now after 8.30pm on the 31st then I have indeed just made it by the proverbial!  :)

The first one is Rocks 'n Pots! Great name hey?!
Jan handpaints gorgeous pet animals on rocks that are beautifully smooth and shaped just right, as well as themed scenes on terracotta pots and the ones in stock at the moment are Mexican themed.

She does beautiful custom portraits of the family pet if you're in the market for something to remember the furry member of your family by. Isn't this one above gorgeous?! It's so realistic!  :)

I think this little guy would have to be my favourite though! How sweet he/she is!! 

I love that little face looking out at me in this lovely little assemblage in a terracotta drip tray! Love the whole set up.  :)

Now this guy looks really chilled out don't you think?! Too cute.


and the second fab Etsy shop is Designs of The Heart.
Sarah loves to use beautiful papers incorporated into quite a few diverse items from fridge magnets mounted behind glass pebbles and on clothespins, to mirrors and jewellery!! Wow!

Don't know about you but this DOES make me smile and I really love it! So much so that I've just bought it! Sweet.....
These words can be personalised too. If there's a word you'd like to put up on your fridge to smile at everyday then Sarah can do!  :)

This one is a sweet one too. These little Japanese dolls are really cute.

Another piece with words but this time as a ring. Great gift idea perhaps for someone close that plays a musical instrument or sings.

A busy lady indeed, Sarah also runs a SUPPLY SHOP on Etsy
BLOG  Designs of The Heart    
 TWITTER designsofheart

That's it for me for the night. The eyelids are drooping as is the rest of the body. It's been a big day today and I need some sleep.

Stay safe and happy.  


  1. Hi Pam, Cute things! I hope to take the time to go visit these shops soon. Thanks for sharing. Have a wonderful week!
    Hugs, Linda

  2. Compliments of Mr or Mrs Google :-) Love all the little pet rocks. xox
    The expression is a Hebrew one that first appeared in this form in the Geneva Bible (1560). In Job 19:20, it reads:

    My bone cleaveth to my skin and to my flesh, and I am escaped with the skin of my teeth.

    This was a change from an earlier translation by Miles Coverdale (1535) which reads:

    My bone hangeth to my skin, and the flesh is away, only there is left me the skin about my teeth.

    Obviously we have no skin on our teeth, but Job is actually referring to his gums, the "skin" around his teeth. At this point in Job's lament, he was saying that he had so little flesh left that the only visible flesh on him were his gums.


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