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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Doings and an Etsy promotion

Yep, it's me! Honest it is..... hello and hope you're all doing as well as can be expected!  :)

I've been keeping fairly busy of late and still trying to find that fine balance between home, life and creating. Sometimes I think I've got it by Jove, but then all of a sudden NUP I don't! Anyone else find this with themselves too? Quite frustrating dontcha know?!

Anyhow I thought I'd pop up a few pics of things that I've been working on over the last couple of months.

I still love to work on little birds and nests of course and along with one of my other loves, repurposing and recycling (especially kitchenalia), have created these little sweeties.

The top one is made with a silver baby spoon with one of those curled around handles. You know, the ones that are given many times as Christening gifts?
....and the second has been made with what I think is a vintage silver fish server. You can just see the holes under the nest if you look closely. I haven't quite finished this needs a ribbon or something!
Both utensils are op shop finds of course.
Both nests have been made using waste from my sewing projects! It's amazing what can be used when you sit and think about it you know!  :)


More recycling and re-purposing with these two aprons....

....both from denim shorts (op shop) and my lace stash. I'm thinking they would be great as market aprons. These were fun and easy. I had a third using a denim skirt but tried to be too clever with the pocket (I've tried to incorporate both the back and the front of the skirt to make a clever pocket!) and it's taking a lot longer to nut it out. But it will get done!!

Now remember that huge yellow topped table I had? Well I found these fabbo retro kitchen tables at one of the local op shops(of course!), and decided they would make a great replacement. Yes I know the other table was a very good one but oh how I disliked that very glarey yellow, not that I don't like yellow, but one can only take so much expanse of yellow in one room!
But these still give me plenty of room to lay out fabric and chenille to cut out and I also get better options when it comes to placing them and trying to fit them around those awful cement posts that are used under highset houses.
Anyhoo, the dh and I have decided the car can now live outside and both he and I get more room in each of our work areas. Yay!! So we're going to move the wall you see in the background, back a few feet and I'll be able to sit the tables in a better formation, we'll finally have a designated laundry area and he gets a less cramped workshop for cutting out those lovely wooden blocks that seem to be so popular. Win, win and win situation wouldn't you say?

I must like to make tiny critters a lot, coz apart from the tiny nests, I now have a family of these gorgeous little dormice that I designed! I think I might be making up a pattern and templates for sale soon too. More about that later....
and, I also have tiny ordinary mice and elephants on the go too, all waiting to be finished. It's a veritable zoo here in downtown Clontarf!  :)

I've been finding new and lovely mags that I hadn't seen before.....two of them Australian publications. Go Aussies!


Last month I signed up to take part in a promotion for fellow Etsy Shops.It's being hosted by the lovely Denise over at her blog denthe.
It started last week, but of course I'm only just getting there! It runs for the month of May and I'm to promote 5 other Etsy shops in that time, and in turn 5 others again will promote me!
Apart from the post on my blog, I can also promote on my facebook page or my Pinterest page.

My first shop is DebiMDesigns. Deb works in mainly polymer clay and if you're looking for some very cute little whimsical dragon creatures, then this is the shop to go to!

Roxi - very sweet, and don't you think she looks like she's just begging you to give her a home?! Looks like expression to me!

Just look at all that work in this mosaic, using glass and polymer clay. Such patience!

Kellis - a very pretty pink dragonfly that comes in the frame! Noice Deb!

Deb also has a facebook page under DebiMDesigns.

I'll be back next week with another Etsy shop for you to go check out and some pics of something new I'm working on at the mo.

Now look at me go!.... Once I get started I seem to be able to babble on quite well don't I!? lol. It's getting me started that's the problem. Hmmmmm. 

Take care.  

Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.  ~  George Bernard Shaw


  1. Wow, you have been busy! Those tiny critters are sooo cute! And you've done a lovely promotion! thnx for participating!

  2. I'm loving those wee dormice & I especially love the light denim apron with those lovely laces. The studio just keeps getting bigger & better!!

  3. Those aprons look great! Who would have thought that denim & lace work so well together? Congrats! :)

  4. Pam you work really really hard on your beautiful projects and your web page and blogs, you really make the most of what you do and what you have. Can't wait to try out the new craft room.

  5. WOW Pam! You have been very busy. I love all your re-purposed spoons and up-cycled jean aprons and your tiny critters are adorable. You always make beautiful things. Hugs, Linda

  6. I'm thinking if there were 26 hrs in a day you would be busy filling those extra hours in!! Love those spoon nests so sweet! The tables are a great find..... yellow isn't really a very popular color is it? just a quick look around my kitchen/lounge nothing much (one piece of crockery) and not one piece of clothing in yellow, however I do LOVE sunflowers.

  7. This cross-promotion etsy sellers are doing is crazy! But in a good way. :) No wonder more and more people are investing their money on online shops. As long as you have the creativity and you're proud of it, you can already kickstart your own business. And it's not very scary to try with fellow etsy sellers to back you up unlike with conventional business. What you must work on though is forming your own business circle.


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