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Friday, July 13, 2012

Consuming, Seeing, Noticing, Swapping

 Jam - taking Just a Moment to gather & share the things you have noticed, consumed, created &/or bought during your week....

Consumed....homemade Cauliflower, Celery and seeded mustard pie

Noticed on our walk.... Corvettes. Esp liking the silver one this end. It was the oldest model there, and it looked like something out of a James Bond movie to me. From way back in Sean Connery's time.

and these gorgeous guys just up the beach a bit our yard

noticed..... how pretty rain can look without flash

and with

Pop over to Jody's for more JaM things!

My swap from Joy arrived last week and this is first chance I've had to post it

She has done such a fab job of picking things to send to me....
So loving all the fabric pieces that will definitely end up in bags or aprons I'm sure.
A very sweet necklace with some gorgeous little birds on it. She did her research well didn't she?
and look at that amazing little steampunk doll!! Joy did a wonderful job of creating something that was right outside her comfort zone don't you think?! I gather it was her first foray into this type of creating, and I'm loving the little guy. Jody, I've called her Joyflea after her creator!! :o))))
Thank you once again for all the treasures Joy! You did good!!  :)
and a big thanks to Jody for hosting and arranging the whole thing!
♥♥♥xxx to you both.

Those who bring sunshine into the lives of others, cannot keep it from themselves.  ~  James M Barrie


  1. Great pics, Pam, and a lovely swap parcel :) Happy crafting, Jenny

  2. Love the photos Pam of your plants and web in the rain. Wonderful swap Parcel too. x

  3. Lovely pics as always, The pie looks yummy - I have the exact same dish for my pies too!

  4. What a lovely walk you had... Perhaps I'll join you when I come down.

  5. Hi Pam, Great photos again. I'm afraid when I go for a walk all I see is trees and little birds. I know you would like the birds. I'm so impressed with your birds! I too recall those James Bond/Sean Connery times. You did receive some great sunshine mail! Your pie looks delicious I have never tried a pie like that, did you put up your recipe? Hugs, Linda


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