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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Colour+Feathers+Cheap Love+Craft=JaM+MPAY

My sore back and hip have kept me slow-ish, but I'm managing to join in with, and link to Jody's JaM and Cherie's MPAY for this week.

JaM - taking Just a Moment to gather & share the things you have noticed, consumed, created &/or bought during your week....

I've been noticing........
how beautifully autumnal the foliage on my Brazilian Cherry tree has become this year. I don't recall it looking so pretty in shades of yellow, orange and red in previous years

....that there's a new guy in the neighbourhood. He looks to be a gorgeous big Pied Currawong, to me.
Never seen one around here before. I've only seen one but think I've heard an answering call when he cries out.

But of course the local Noisy Miners, Crows and Magpies, of which there are many(!) harass him constantly, as I'm sure he would do if they visited his place. 
It saddens me that these aggressive birds seem to be the only birds we have living here now. When we moved in 20 years ago there were beautiful wee birds in abundance. Silver Eyes, Honeyeaters, the occasional Kingfishers. I miss them all so much. Sigh.....
Nevertheless I'm quite content to watch all these scallywags that are in residence here anyway.

also noticed these occasional visitors almost daily last week, probably flying over from the local tip, that drop in when we've had a lot a rain which makes our backyard rather soggy with areas of water for them to dibble around in. There were 7 Ibis here one day.

I bought me some cheap love while looking in op shops for additions to the parcel for my Op Shop Swap partner! All this corduroy and the little wool blend tunic for $18. Purple doesn't come up well on my camera for some reason, but that's the colour of the first lot, not dark blue as it looks here. Metres and metres of it! Ain't love grand!?  ☺

I've been trying to create, and have, but I seem to be all over the place and can't just settle on one thing. Here you can see a little bird pinkeep started, a large birdcage started, pendants on dominoes and scrabble tiles started!!!!! and there are many more things out of camera range! ☺☺☺
But you might notice that I did finish the pineapple potholder and matching dishcloth?
Oh yes, and there in the top of the pic is the pattern I bought from etsy that I've cut out but not yet found just the right fabric to make it from. I'll get there eventually.

My Place & Yours ...

where everyone is invited to play along ...

this weeks theme is ...

Looking down my street ...

Well I feel our street isn't very exciting and not too pretty with all the bins sitting out, coz Monday is our rubbish removal day and that's when I took this one! and almost wasn't going to play along this week because of that. But my good friend Jackie from The Backshed convinced me otherwise when she suggested.......

make it a bit abstract....along a fence line or something!
So here you have looking down my street towards west, taken with the camera on the kerbing. Rather interesting actually I think! 

So there you have last week in a nutshell. Sort of.....
There was a lot of rain, but now there's lots of cold and a heap of sunshine!


  1. Oh Pam what a week ... your pics convey so much wonder and gorgeousness. Jackie's photography tip was a real doozie that last street pic is fabulous! Thank YOU for playing along at MP&Y's you're efforts are greatly appreciated. Mega Thanks ;~) Wishing you a very wonderful week ;~)

  2. The Currawongs come here in the Winter and spend a lot of time stealing Rev's food out of his bowl on the veranda. Very cheeky. Love the Pinafore and the fabric is a real bonus. Your street looks very interesting taken along the kerb. Well done.x

  3. As if you would have to ask for my favourite pic.... the pineapple potholder of ;) Happy crafting, Jenny

  4. I love the gorgeous colours of winter and the Ibis intrigue me. Our neighbour has them land on her roof before they descend into her yard - I often wonder what she has that we don't.

    Youre not on your own with regards unfinished objects - if it wasn't for workshops every week I'd not be able to get in through the door for U.F.O's - I'm in love with that birdcage!

    You have the same bins as us!

    Thanks for joining in JaM this week Pam. x

  5. Hi Pam, Love your post. So many interesting things to see and hear about. I've never seen most of the birds you mentioned. I can't wait to see what you make with that purple corduroy. As for unfinished projects - lol I have a lot of things started.
    Hugs, Linda


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