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Monday, December 12, 2011

BrisStyle Indie Designers Market pics

This was looking toward "my end" of the table

There's the bestie Joolz at "her end". She'll be cringing at having herself in the pic!! hee hee!

But of course things tended to blend here and there which is great.

Just thought I'd show a few pics (in keeping with Jackie's challenge! ) of the table that Joolz and I had the BrisStyle Indie market on Saturday.
It was almost a no-go for us coz we were supposed to have our 3x3 marquee outside but due to the weather, outside was a bit of a wash out for most of the stall holders! But while we were both standing there wondering what we should stay or go home, the lovely Christine from BonTons very graciously offered to share her space with us inside the church hall!! How cool is that? Thank you so much Christine!

 Speaking of Jackie's challenge.....I have missed a couple of posts, in case you were wondering, and mainly because of the craziness and busyness, and panic of trying to get ready for the market, but I've also been posting on my other blogs as well, My Recipes and Snapshots of Beauty(I share this with my sister who does most of the posting! Thanks sis!). Just not on here everytime. Just sayin'!  :)

Here's to a wonderfully productive and happy week for you all.  x


  1. Wow Pam your stall looks wonderful!!!! I hope you sold a lot. Keep up the good work with your posts.

  2. Your stall looks amazing with all your beautiful pieces!

  3. Hi Pam, Your space looks wonderful. You were lucky to get an invitation at an inside booth. I've done several of these shows in the past and I remember one we (my sister and I) were dashing to get our things back into containers as a rain storm popped up. It's always nice to get those inside booths. Hope you had a good day! Hugs, Linda


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