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Friday, December 2, 2011

The Back Shed me!!

Those of you who saw my last post and read the comments may have noticed one by Jackie(The Back Shed) who is a very good friend of mine that I've known since about 2007. In her wisdom (which may be found to be questionable in the very near future ;oD) she has thrown out a challenge to me in the hope that it might help me along my way. Should I accept her challenge I will have to post one photo per day until Christmas, with or without text, and believe me, this is one huge ask!!  :)) 
.....and those of you who did read the post in question will probably be able to work out why she has laid this challenge at my feet.

Well Jackie, my lovely and dear encourager, I accept the challenge and here is the first of those photos. I truly hope not to let you down.  x

Last week I received a small package from another very good friend that I met online, who lives in Pennsylvania. Dianne sells handmade gorgeousness in the shape of handmade fabric greeting cards under the name of Kalico Kards.

When I expressed a wish that she and I were closer so it would be easier to purchase some of them, after she did a post on her blog Livin' life on the flip side of 50, about some of her new Christmas cards, this very generous and dear friend sent me a pack of them for a Christmas gift!! How lucky am I then!!??
Dianne uses beautifully printed fabric that she hunts around for specially, along with her own beautiful handwriting to make these cards. It's also from her own creative mind that inspiration comes from for the always meaningful sayings inside the cards themselves. 
These particular cards with the so pretty little bird have even been embossed by her! If she can do it herself, she will.
.....and of course I am also going to take this opportunity to shamelessly push her talent and her website, and why not I say!  :))
So if any of you, especially in the US, are looking for stand-out cards to send to friends and family this Christmas, or anytime of the year really, you can look no further than Kalico Kards for them! I know you won't be disappointed.

Here I go again with a much longer post than I had anticipated! Like I said in my last appears that once I get started, it's hard to shut me up!!  ;oD

Good friends are like Quilts. They age with you, yet never lose their warmth.  ~  Unknown by me


  1. There you go down!!!!! Well done!!!!

  2. Excellent, I'm so pleased you accepted! Those cards are lovely..

  3. Hi Pam, Your cards are beautiful what a wonderful gift. Good luck with the challenge. Hugs, Linda

  4. Wow! That is some challenge Pam! I'm behind you all the way. Thank you for posting the gift I sent - you take lovely pictures! Best wishes on your challenge and love to you for your graciousness!


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