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Sunday, February 27, 2011

A bit of bunting love....oh and chenille as well!

I had some fun making some quick bunting from some sweet kerchiefs from the op shop. So pleased with the way it came up!
I've had this in my mind to do since I saw Cathie's post waaaay back when. Thanks Cathie!

and it can be just as purty in reverse! 
How cute is that blue one with the little kitties on it?!  :)


Have also been listing some chenille love on my stores lately.

Love the blue grey colour of this one I used for some shower mitts.
p.s. would you believe I've never taken one to use for myself? What's up with that then?!   :))

The last of my gorgeous shaggy appley green.  :(

Some beautiful autumnal colours for these 6's (for patchwork)

Some very pretty shades for Easter projects?  :)

If all the world is a stage, where is the audience sitting?  ~  George Carlin

Footnote: while googling to find the author of this quote, the #1 spot in the results had the answer.....They aren't sitting anywhere. They're standing at the ticket booth trying to get a refund!
Had to chuckle at that one!  :D


  1. just look at all that gorgeous chenille, I LOVE the shower mits & that is a very, very pretty hanky bunting!

  2. Fabulous the bunting. cheers Katherine

  3. wonderful Pam!!!
    yay for hankies and super yay for bunting!
    loving your green apple..yummylicious ♥

  4. Bunting looks great finished, better get cracking on mine then!!!

  5. I love that bunting! Especially the kitty cat triangle :D

  6. The bunting looks lovely and 'fresh'. Sorry, but my favourite part on this post is the quote and :) Happy crafting, Jenny

  7. Lovely bunting, so different from the usual that you see elsewhere. Love the colours of your chenille items....

  8. Love the bunting, Pam...and your new gallery gadget is looking good too!

  9. What a beautiful bunting, and gorgeous chenilles! The autumn colors are exquisite. I've never seen chenille like that. Wow!

  10. Hi Pam, I love all the chinelle mitts and fabric colors. I've been wanting to get some and I just might. I thought a bunting was something for a baby? Is your banner a bunting?
    Hugs, Linda

  11. That bunting is just gorgeous and oh so clever. Luv it

  12. Hi Pam I had no idea you were going through something one of my 'worries' was keeping up with blog reading I've cut down a bit so missed this.
    I think a period of doing nothing is a great idea, mine was difficult as I have to be part of an exhibition soon so had to force myself back into it.
    Otherwise I would have just 'rested'.
    Any way take care of yourself and thanks for the support.


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