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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I've taken time out.


I've been out of the loop for a little while now and it's kind of hard to know how to start back in or with what.
The passion and excitement of creating or even blogging has deserted me and I've felt somewhat lost and unbalanced.
I'm working on ways to get back, and feel I might be making headway.....slowly.
How hard it is to want to "do so many things" but not have the drive or motivation. In the end I fall in a heap. Is it burnout or a meltdown? Perhaps. Trying to do too much, too quickly without time for me?

So with a little help and advice from the lovely Diane over at CraftyPod, I've taken a short sabbatical during which she suggested "So maybe the best medicine is to do nothing for a while. Quiet, unstructured time is so important, and in this crazy crowded online landscape, it's so easy to lose that". To see if I can find my balance, drive, direction and most of all, passion, again.

I thought some sort of "word" from me was in order if I intend to keep this blog going. Apologies to those of my wonderful readers and followers that I feel I may have let down in some way.
Hope to see you all very soon.  xoxo

Moving on is a simple thing. What it leaves behind is hard.  ~  Dave Mustaine


  1. Pam,
    Never feel that you have let anyone on blogger down or anywhere else for that matter. You should take care of yourself first. You are important to us, but you can rest easy in knowing that we will be here when you decide to return to blogging.

    Sending many blessings your way,

  2. There's nothing wrong with having time out! I'm sure most of us have felt that way at some time!

  3. Hi Pam, Take time if you need to but please come back once in a while. I will miss you. I do know how you feel a little. I've been there. Take care of yourself. Hugs, Linda

  4. Well done on realising what you needed and donig it! will look forward to hearing about your adventures when you are ready to share once more.

  5. You must NOT apologise, everyone needs time out every now & then. It's funny how it just grabs you suddenly though isn't it. I have felt a little 'blah' about blogging of late, I go to post something & then think 'oh what's the point? Who wants to read that, I barely want to write about it!' I think when things get too much with life in general, you need to simplify, and blogging sure can be consuming. Take some time out, you know we'll all be here ready to greet you when you return no matter how long...take care x

  6. I've been feeling that way too, Pam. I promised myself early in the piece, if I plan to do a 'grumble post', I don't do it, I just wait until I have something else to post about.... you probably wish I didn't at :) If ever you miss us (your followers), just mention yellow chenille and you know I will be there...LOL... ;) Happy crafting, Jenny

  7. i hope you are feeling better pam. you are not letting anyone down. it is so important to look after you. if you are emotionally overdrawn ther will be nothing left in the bank. take it slowly, breathe, rest and indulge yourself. your creative juices will flow when the time is right

  8. Hey Pam, what a great idea to take some time out and just do what you want to do not what you feel obliged to do.
    We all need to slow down and 'smell the roses' unfortunately we don't all realise that. So look after yourself and I'm sure the passion and desire to create will bubble up to the surface when you are good and ready.
    I am still enjoying your lovely word of "HOPE" that I won in the auction. All the detail you put into it makes me smile.

    Claire X

  9. Diane is a clever lady! None of this bloggery and crafting stuff is supposed to be forced - there are too many 'have to's' for another. But here's to a rejuvenating break and possible return!

  10. I am glad you are taking time to find your way. Definitely, your mind is trying to tell you something so it is time to step back and listen.

    Diane is so right - unstructured time is the most healing. Now if i could just get her to take her own advice! :-)

    We will all be here waiting for you when you return and sending love and healing thoughts in the meantime.

  11. Missing you Pam, hope all is good. xx Katherine

  12. Hi Pam,
    Don't know that I've been to your blog before, but I know where you were at, at the time of writing this post. I'm sure many of us do at times.
    Wishing you refreshment and quiet.
    Quilty hugs
    Robyn x


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