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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Stocking's here!

Oh yay!! My stocking arrived from my swap partner George from kitty n' kitch!

Now how pretty is that wrapping? Just too cute and don't you love the crocheted motif and button decoration? So clever George.

....and isn't this such a fun stocking?? She has done a fabulous job.

It felt very fat and then I found out why! All those lovely trimmings I'll be able to use on so many things!
Mmmmmm.......perhaps I'd better get started on my swap partners stocking, soon!!

Thanks again so very much for my gorgeous stocking George. I love it!
and thanks to Selina over at Selina's Vintage for holding this swap. Great job Selina!


  1. so happy to hear that i am not the only one yet to make a start. lovely parcel pam, you are a lucky duck.

  2. Now that IS an early Chrissie Enjoy it :) Happy crafting, Jenny

  3. What a great swap! You're right, even the packaging is fabulous! It's so rewarding to participate in a swap when the other people involved put so much extra love into it!

    Pam, just wanted to let you know that I linked up your blog over at the SITS "Best Kept Secret" post. We were asked to nominate our favorite blogs. Not that yours is really a secret, but I figured if it turned a few more people on to your fabulous blog, then why not? Here's the link:


  4. That's gorgeous Pam! I love the pretty wrapping too, so clever! Thank you for your kind comments recently, it is appreciated x

  5. The stocking looks great! How nice of George to include all those lovely trims for you. Thanks for participating! Can't wait to see your finished stocking!

  6. gorgeous gift - nice wrapping and pretty stocking - lucky you getting all those pretty trims too.


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