My whole life is an experiment . . . sometimes I get surprising results. - C Erdmann

Monday, October 11, 2010

Almost went down with the ship....and other happenings

This week, at my house, apart from the usual tedium and listing items on my online shops

........I finished this. Remember the blue doll from last week........? I think I've called her "Nestled".
I'm pleased finally, with how she has finished up and I enjoyed making her. She took a little longer than perhaps she should have, but she is the first of her kind that I've attempted.

..........and I sent my items off to Chris for next month's issue of Chocolate Crow Trader.

................and then this morning, early, we had to deal with this:

Really bad pic I know(the d.h. took it)

Amazingly heavy downfall of rain early in the morning, drains couldn't cope and voila........road flooded, as you can see by the height of the water under the car above. It was up to the bottom of the bumper!!
This usually happens when we get such heavy rains coinciding with high tides, but we're not sure yet if the tides were a factor this morning.

Much better pic, also taken by the d.h.!

Up over the kerb it goes, rushing down into our yard, under the garage door, around the side and out the back.......

down the path to our back steps, up over the step into the laundry, garage and MY STUDIO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Fortunately I didn't lose anything precious! But a couple of carpets are wet and might take a while to dry given that we are supposed to have a wetter than usual spring and summer. So I'm very lucky I know. Some people around the country and world are having a very hard time of it.
There we were at 6.30am picking lots of things up onto higher surfaces and sweeping water out the laundry door and my studio, for about 1/2 hour until the rain eased enough for the drains in our yard and the street to cope with the amount of water!
Apart from water damage when this happens, we also have a problem with the sewerage pipes overloading, and gushing back up and out onto our back path!! The last time this happened, a few years back, we had all sorts of  toilet muck floating around our backyard! Eeeeeewww!! Very unpleasant.
Thank goodness it didn't happen this time.
So we spent much of today cleaning up and trying to dry out. 

My whole life is an experiment..... Sometimes I get surprising results.  ~   C Erdmann


  1. Hi there, I'm sorry this happened to you... I had a bit of a flood in my studio a year or so ago and we were pretty lucky too... Good luck cleaning up and getting things dried out. Lysol spray works like a charm!!

  2. Oh Pam, I so sorry to hear about your bad news. Glad to hear it didn't destroy too much. Good luck with the clean up and drying out. I love your doll. What did you use to make her torso? Are those fishing lures in her hair? Take care!

  3. Oh no! I heard the northside copped it pretty bad. Here (southside) wasn't too bad, though we were on alert that my daughters school may close if the water got too much higher (it didn't though!) Glad you didn't get too much damage. Even though I have all my chenille on my insurance, I couldn't bare the thought of having to try to replace it! I'm sure most crafters are the same!

  4. Well thank goodness the sun is out today. Hopefully things will dry out now. Love the doll. Totally different from how I imagined she would turn out.

  5. Oh Pam! I hope you haven't had too much damage & that it all dries out quickly, it looks like a river flowing by your house! On a cheerier note, your doll is superb & those pendants are just so lovely, I do love birds..I hope you have loads of warm sunshine to help you with the clean up! x

  6. I read about the downpour yesterday and wondered who it might have affected. Hope you get all dried out and sorted real soon.
    "Nestled" is wonderful!

  7. Oh my all that water! We need some here :-) Thanks for putting my WIP button up :-)

  8. Oh dear. That's a bit of excitement you don't want! Very annoying for you. Glad nothing super special got damaged. Hope you can dry out the rest. Any plans for drain upgrades near you?
    Thanks for having us at your house again. Lou.

  9. Hi Pam, Nestled looks lovely :) As to the flooding, is that your subtle attempt to move the studio upstairs....or maybe a future a I hope things dry out for you soon :) Jenny

  10. Oh my goodness... look at all that water!


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