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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

At my house and a visit to a blog friend

This week at my house......

I've been working on little birds on handmade nests, in small vintage jelly moulds and listing them in my stores.

......and finally listing these pendants that I've made with vintage Domino and

....... Scrabble tiles.

I've also been trying to finish this creation. Not sure that it's turning out the way it looked in my mind's eye, but.... Surely I can't go too wrong with antique lace and a little blue bird doiley. Can I???Hmmmm! We'll see!  :)


It's not often we get to meet the people behind any of the blogs we follow is it? But I actually did!!! How lucky can a body be!! lol!!!
Yesterday I got to meet Katherine from The Old Boathouse when my husband and I ventured over to the other side of town to have a glorious sqizz at both her shops where she sells fabulous secondhand and antique goodies. She has one at The Cottage Garden Nursery at East Brisbane.....and another at the Woolloongabba Antique Centre, Woolloongabba.
What a gorgeous lady she is. So friendly and welcoming! A joy to meet.

I didn't buy much this time, just some lovely old knives and forks to add to my minute collection. But I fully intend going back VERY soon and will definitely get some other treasures for myself. Such fun to be had believe me. Might have to drag Joolz and Laura along with me. I'm sure you'll love the whole trip girls!  :))

Every friend is to the other a sun, and a sunflower also.  ~  Richter


  1. Lovely little birds Pam. My sister-in-law loves birds so I always take note of cute things. Lots of lovely art and craft going on at your house. Thanks for joining in again this week. Lou.

  2. Aww Pam you are so sweet and it was so fun to meet you and I am so glad I was was meant to be. I am also so glad you got some treasures. You will have to be sure and let me know if you get a chance to visit again cheers Katherine xx

  3. Hi Pam,

    Love all the bird projects, the charms are so cute. Did I ever mention that my diningroom filled with an assortment of birds and minature birdhouses. No wonder I like all your birds. Did you make the body on the doll? Can't wait to see how you finish her.
    Have a good day!

  4. You have been very busy Pam , I just love those knives !

  5. Your pendants are beautiful, Pam!! My mother in law always asks me to keep an eye out for that bone handled cuttlery to add to her set, they were her mothers & quite hard to come by around here, so nice purchase! It is lovely to meet a blog friend, so far I have only met 2 in person, and it's like finally meeting up with a kindred spirit!

  6. Hello Im your newest follower. I love all your creations. Im interested in what your blue girl will end up looking like!! I might have to have one??

  7. OMG, are we twins? We are now using knives like this and I am always getting into trouble for putting them in the dishwasher!

  8. Oh Pam, I drool over some of the finds that the Boat House blog has........where do they find it all?????
    I wish very hard that I lived nearby, cos I would be coming with you when you next visit..
    Hope all is well with you Pam...your little scrabble tiles are just beautiful...x

  9. Oh those forks bring back memories, fabulous. Great crafting & enjoy Brisbane, my husband is finally moving home from Brisbane back to Canberra this weekend, we're in Sydney to meet him, follow all that??
    Enjoy those beautiful necklaces, adorable, love Posie

  10. I love how you have given these old things a new lease of life.
    I've got some of those knives as well :-)

  11. I wonder if she was what you expected? I always find it strange and exciting to see the faces behind the words..its never quite how you imagined.


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