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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Easy Peasy Dinner Winners #2


So my easy recipe this week is another "impossible" one. But this time it's for a sweet treat. Same deal with the crust and topping magically appearing when it's all cooked. I think it's much better hot, but still tasty when cold, with it's custardy and not too sweet coconut topping.
Very nice served with cream and strawberries or a scoop of ice-cream. mmmmmm. yummmm.

Ingredients: (sorry it only comes with metric measurements. You'll have to convert if you're in the States or the UK or anywhere else that doesn't do metric!!)  :o))))

75gr flour (Unlike the quiche recipe from last week this isn't SR flour and I usually will use a mixture of plain and wholemeal)
75gr coconut, shredded or desiccated
Pinch salt
4 eggs
80gr sugar (I use a mixure of raw and rapadura)
2 cups milk (again I use whatever is in the fridge....rice or cow's)
1 tsp vanilla (I use about 1/2 tsp of the concentrated variety, but I wouldn't complain if it tasted more strongly of vanilla!!)

Mix all these ingredients together and then pour into a greased pie/flan dish. I used a 24cm dish that is 3.5cm deep.
Bake at 150C - 300F for 45 minutes. But personally I think either the oven needs to be a tad hotter or the pie needs to be cooked a tad longer! The top didn't really brown and I think it should.
I turned the oven off after 45 mins, but left the pie in for about another 10 mins. You might need to experiment a bit.

Proudly printed in Queensland by: T.B.S. Printing, 59 Neil St, Toowoomba, Q 4350. Ph: (076) 325445 {this is probably(definitely) a very outdated ph #!!!!!}
This is the book the recipe came from(by Peter and Cynthia Mayne), but I have no idea where the book came from now. Not a bad one if a bit basic with the recipes, but I have to say it has some great info inside. I can't find a year of publication anywhere, but it does say inside:
Based on average family spending of $155 per week.
Based on figures from Westpac Bank using an average mortgage of $80,000.
I just know I've had it for many years!

For other Easy Peasy Dinner Winners pop over to Frog, Goose and Bear very soon. You'll be glad you did!  ;o)

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