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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Some more helpful site links

I've been having a bit of a blogger's block lately and haven't done a great deal to blog about anyhoo.
Don't really know what I've been up to, to be honest! I know I must have been doing something.......but it's one of those times that if someone said to you "What have you been up to?", you really have to think about it and if you're lucky you can remember one or two things?
Does this ever happen to you? Embarassing and frustrating! Cheez Louise!!!

But I can at least show you some fabulous blogs I've found that I'm sure you'll love. As per usual, you'll be able to find them in the right hand column in my Online Tutorials, Workshops and Resources list.

Photo courtesy Gingerbread Snowflakes

Gingerbread Snowflakes is a blog about seasonal comforts. Pam just loves anything to do with Christmas, and she lives in the US.
In her own words.....I hope you will join me not only for the winter holidays but for all the seasons of the year as I share the joys of crafting, cooking, and enjoying life's little pleasures.

This is such a fun and craftily creative blog!

Photo courtesy Cityhippyfarmgirl's Blog
Brydie's very catchily named blog, Cityhippyfarmgirl's Blog, is another fabulous site with recipes, insightful looks at the lives we all lead (or don't lead) and some great ideas about making things from scratch eg. making cards and wrapping paper from chocolate wrappers, of all things!! Absolutely brilliant idea and it looks wonderful! Talk about thinking outside the square.  :)
.....and the really yummy recipe she has up on her post today look's mouth wateringly tempting. Think I might just have to try this one!
Passionfruit shortbread.  Droooool.

Photo courtesy The Witches Kitchen
In The Witches Kitchen, Linda blogs about amazingly interesting things like her "experiments with gardening, permaculture, shopping and cooking food that is good for you, good for the planet, and just plain good ... all at once!"

You'll find some excellent info on Permaculture throughout her blog, and the clever cookie also uses a lunar planting calendar. I'll be going on a lot of visits off to this blog!
I used to do a bit of gardening along these lines, but sad to say my ethics/practices have slipped considerably. Perhaps this serendipitous finding of Linda's blog was very timely for me. I do miss my time working with the earth.
Mmmm....perhaps an idea for another post here?  :))

How sweet to know that your carbon footprint is as faint as you can get it?

Oh and I'm including my own blog in this list today! and why not I say!?  :)))))
I've just added another page/category (up the top where the Home button is) with all my free patterns listed.......just for the taking. There aren't a lot, but please help yourselves if you see anything you like.
Except for one that is........Bacon and Eggs is a pay for pattern.
He was featured in a past issue of Australian Homespun mag.

Finally......... I've found another swap to take part in! Oh yayyy!!!

Loving swaps. You too? Such fun making things for swaps, and the anticipation of what will arrive in the post from my partner.

As you can see by the swap button above, it's a swap for Christmas Stockings.
It's being held by the lovely Selina over at Selina's Vintage.
Are you up for it? Course you are! Go take a look, but you've only got until tomorrow to sign up. I imagine you have all day tomorrow.
You may even end up with me as your secret parner! How much fun would that be?
A hoot I tells ya!!!!

The mind is everything. What you think, you become. ~ Unknown
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