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Saturday, February 6, 2010

The mess in my bag!

Another week has flown by since my last post, about the meme, and as you can see I've not posted about any craft I've done! Have been trying to finish up my things for TCCT, so I haven't been completely slack. Just a little bit. But more about that later in another post.

For My Place & Yours meme, hosted by Vic, the Theme Queen for this week is The Textured Leaf, who wrote:
My close friend and I once went through each others handbags to see what we
carried around with us. Weve both never forgotten the hilarity and the
randomness of the conversation that ensued. Im going to suggest 'whats in your
handbag right now'?

Like a lot of us I'm sure, I was a little hesitant about revealing the contents of my handbag to the world at large! Between friends is not a problem, but in the end, as I am wont to do lately, I stepped outside my square to play along. (It's getting easier and easier to make that step these days. Which is a bonus surely! Yay me!)

So in my bag you have found:

my purse/wallet ~ a great op shop find
a very bedraggled envelope that holds the current shopping $$$ (note to self- get new envelope!)
loose coins that should be in that very bedraggled envelope
two sets of keys
a powder puff & tiny plastic container that holds some powder (cornflour)
another tiny plastic container for my chocolate that I add to cappucinos if the mochas are too exxie in coffee shops!! :)
a bottle of antibacterial hand gel
one tiny weeny diary that I scribble in notes and things to remember ~ dated 2000 would you believe?
an emery board
a fabric fan which is an absolute necessity in these days of hot flushes! Works so well!
a few bandaids for those blisters I will regularly get from some of my shoes
a few old receipts from atm and supermarkets
a biro
couple of toothpicks in wrappers that my sister threw at me during lunch at a seminar last weekend! I tend not use them while in sight of perfect strangers!
a heap of loyalty cards from various businesses ~ for coffee, food, clothes etc
and of course the obligatory dirty tissue! lol.

So there you are! Nothing exciting or too embarrassing after all. No idea why I was worried. :)

See you next week for another engaging meme theme.


***P.S. Following up from the meme about what I'm reading.....finished the book in about two days!! Oops! Had read a little of it the day before Australia Day, then decided I would take the day off working in my studio, cos it was a public holiday yes? and I am public no? Read all day!!!! Finished it on the 27th. Thoroughly enjoyed it and would recommend it definitely. Wasn't as good as Chocolat and very different to that one, but still loved it.***


  1. Well done Pam on stepping outside your square and getting the Meme post done early!!! Looks like I'm not the only one with a cluttered bag!!

  2. I am just loving this theme already, I'm so proud of you for stepping outside your comfort zone to play...! ;)

    I LOVE that you carry a little container of choccy around for your coffee... ingenius! Just as long as you don't get that & the cornflour mixed up... coffee with a fork anyone...?! ;)

  3. Very interesting. Thanks for letting us look inside your bag.

  4. better to have your used tissue in the handbag rather than the pocket where it is in danger of ending up int he wash like mine did this morning-grrrrrrr.
    thanks for sharing, i'm getting lots of tips around the traps

  5. you are a dedicated mocha girl!! I usually get a soy cap and just heap lots on from the shaker :)

  6. Great post, love the choc container.. you may or may not be surprised that in my handbag is also a collection of wardrobe keys (incase i buy a wardrobe that dosn't have a key and I need one to check inside) and a screwdriver, (similar purpose) Don't ask me how many times I've got to the airport and had to do a dash back to the car to get rid of the screwdriver.. security dosn't like screwdrivers haha,

  7. Love this meme and your bag too Pam, we're so similar but I cheated and now and have stuff scrunched into that clear plastic little gem.
    See you next week ;)

  8. Very interesting indeed... I can't work out for the life of me why you're carrying cornflour with you.

  9. What a nice mixture or stuff! Don't you just accumulate loyalty cards everywhere these days! Need a whole new bag just for those things!

  10. Lots going on there Pam, I really enjoyed reading this post. I had a laugh at the bit about your sister throwing the toothpicks at you! Ha! She sounds like quite a girl. Hope you are having a fun weekend xo

  11. Oh wow! I sorted mine out the other week and thought about blogging it and then backed out! Well done you........

  12. Love your purse! The design and choccie colour are gorgeous... definitely a great find! Arggh! Loyalty cards. When I got my new purse just before Chrissie last year, I threw a whole bunch of them away. Couldn't believe that half my purse was filled with them! Am going to go check out what you were reading now... :)

  13. Great idea! Had a bit of a giggle are your collection - I am sure mine would be just as random and absolutely essential!!!

  14. Have you heard men are afraid of going through a woman's purse? This meme reminds me of this as we all tentatively reach inside and wonder what in the hell could be lurking at the bottom :)


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