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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Better late than never..........

and so here is my input for the meme theme for My Place & Yours. Theme Queen for this week is Gypsy.

"Again how you interpret this week’s theme is entirely up to you – show us your shoe collection, show us your favourite pair of shoes, show us your oldest pair of shoes, show us your young’uns first pair of shoes, your highest heels, your dirtiest sneakers, whatever you like!"

This is a pic of all the shoes I do wear, Summer and Winter which of course includes those daggy ole Ugg type boots at the back of the lot!
The shoes in the back row are my Winter only wear and the other two rows are my Summer wear which may also be donned during winter depending on the shoe.

Now I had a huge revelation while setting up for this meme. OMG! I hadn't realised just how many shoes were actually in my wardrobe! They had been building in numbers in there without me even noticing! ....and I don't even wear half of them. So I think a trip to the op shop is in order very soon. :)

This is the hill of shoes after I threw them out of the wardrobe. This is why this pic is second in the line up. I certainly didn't want this untidy mound to be the one that everyone sees in their blog list when this post goes to air!

These are my favourite pairs. I think mainly cos they're a bit quirky, different. That's the alter ego within that has never quite surfaced fully. One day she might actually break free, then look out world!!
When I wear any of these, they add a little "something" to my persona. Probably nothing I could really put my finger on.

These I don't even wear......but not for lack of trying mind you! lol. They are too tight. So these are in my lounge as an ornamental thing! They make me think Flappers or The Charleston. You get the gist?
I got them from Joolz who had bought them to use in a mixed media shoe challenge which didn't eventuate, and as I couldn't bear to see her get rid of them, I brought them home.
I swear, if they had fitted me I would be wearing them!
Ha! Talk about wacko! :)

If you'd like to visit other blogs participating in the meme this week just visit Vic's site here. You can even join in the fun and put your name up under the McLinky thingy that comes up on her blog each Saturday.

Ciao!! ;^)


  1. Shoes have a habit of multiplying in dark cupboards, don't they???

  2. My shoe collection consists of five pairs and they are all black, I must have the most boring collection in the world! Don't know why I'm not into shoes, my daughter hasn't inherited this trait, she's the one who drags me into shoe shops. I love your shoes though, the bow ones are very pretty!

  3. You're not wrong there Christina!! lol.

  4. Ooooooooh, your favourite pairs are gorgeous! I especially like the green ones, so pretty!

    Thanks for playing this week my dear, and you are absoloutely right, better late than never! :)

  5. Mmmm love those flapper shoes too. Soooo unusual. I think I am a bit of a shoe gatherer too. Shoes and bags ultimate accessories and pick me ups.


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