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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Another one!

Yep, it's time again for another My Place & Yours meme, and I still haven't posted about anything I've been making. :( But I have been doing things and I'm posting about that in the next one.
The theme for this week's meme is as Vic (our esteemed hostess with the mostess) has put up on her blog:

This week’s Theme Queen? There are two! Nic & Tracey had very similar suggestions, so they get to reign together! Long live the Crafty Theme Queens!

Their theme suggestions were, respectively, “Your Kitchen Wall” and “In My Kitchen”, which I have morphed, for our meme pleasure, & in honour of tomorrow, intoKitchen Love.

Kitchen Love to me is "all the wonderfully old or sentimental things" that fill the too tiny, too daggy (1950' or 60's and never really updated) & pretty ugly space that we call our kitchen".
But hey! It functions sufficiently and it's ours, so I'll complain no more. :)

Here you can see some of my chook/rooster collection that I so, so love. The two large ones facing each other on that bottom shelf are actually salt & pepper shakers would you believe!!?? I've never seen such big shakers ever. There's also a ceramic rooster my sister made for me and a green glass one that belonged to my grandmother, among others.
The green glass vase on the top shelf was also my grandmother's, and also on that shelf there is wooden serving platter, adorned with lemons that was painted by yours truly. I'm quite proud of the things I painted when I was learning folk art a few years ago.

In this pic is a vintage copper(?) Fowler's Vacola bottling unit (which I have never used! but love heaps), a dark blue enamel kettle/teapot & old glass rolling pin (my grandparent's), a couple of pot stands (painted by moi), a print of fennel (drawn by my very talented sister-in-law who is now very well known in the botanical art circles), and a gorgeous tiled rooster tray (bought from my oldest friend's shop before it closed). Oh yes, and a really old little butter dish on the cutting board.

On the window sil is a very sweet little vintage milk jug in the shape of a cow (given to me by my stepdaughter) and on the wall a blackboard (gift from that same oldest friend) and the key holder, another thing painted by me.
There many other things I've not mentioned that mean just as much to me as all the things I've listed here, but you can see that they all hold much sentiment for me.
Beautiful things all of them. Full of love to me or from me to myself!
It's not always the space that matters, but what fills that space.
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  1. I really like the chooks and roosters that inhabit your kitchen. Lovely, lovely enamel teapot too!

  2. What a fun kitchen. I could admire your beauties for hours!

  3. I love your big copper pot! It looks like you are surrounded by things that you love and enjoy, and that is the best!

  4. What a lovely kitchen, I like interesting and a little clutter! Lots of gorgeous things to look at. I could never go for the minimalist look either.

  5. gorgeous little treasures in your kitchen Pam!
    i try to do minimalist but I collect so many things it's impossible aswell.
    and a fowlers!!!

  6. Pam, your kitchen looks filled to the brim with lovely pieces, is your old glass chook dish, carnival glass...? Your old fowlers unit is wonderful!!!
    My kitchen is WAY older than yours......but its how you fill it Pam that matters....

  7. Lots of treasures Pam.. That big blue teapot is amazing

  8. lots of lovely shelves with lots of lovely stuff, kinda reminds me of my kitchen, but i think i might have a tad more clutter lol!

  9. You have so many sweet vintage finds but what i love best are you open cupboards. A pain to clean but I have some too and I love how handy they are and how I can see everything all the time.


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