My whole life is an experiment . . . sometimes I get surprising results. - C Erdmann

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Something different!

Coz I felt like blogging and in the absence of anything crafty to show at the mo, I thought I would put up the pics of the bench/seat that I mentioned in a previous post. It was unveiled only a few weeks ago.
The bench was made by the local pottery group of which my mum is a member. Sorry mum, but I can't remember now who commissioned you to make it! Was it the council? :) No matter who.....they got their money's (monies?) worth with this amazing piece of artwork.
My mum won the entry for the over-all design and shape (a lizard~my mum just loves her lizards! lol). Selected potters designed their own little parts that would become the seat in the sitting alcoves, then each individual tile was made by those potters. They all then got together and stuck all the tiles onto the shape and then grouted the whole thing. Apart from the base of the bench (which was constructed by the local council), it was all handmade by the potters (who probably had all turned a little potty by the time it was finished!) :))
The clubhouse is sited on the edge of our local Botanic Gardens and the bench was erected a short walk away within the Gardens.
Head end, of course.

Mum and my husband doing their best to look inconspicuous. Hmmmm.

This is one of mum's pieces for a sitting alcove ~ Geckoes
Well done all of you! Brilliant work.

One of the wattles in flower.
Just threw this in for good measure! Saw it on the way out, and coz it looked so pretty took a pic.

We have a lot of Noisy Miners (native birds who have definitely earned their name) residing in this area, and we have been watching a family (we think) that seems to have a territory ranging across ours and our neighbours front yards. We can sit comfortably on our front verandah and watch their antics. One day I realised that one of them seemed much paler in colour than the others, and after closer inspection am wondering if it is in fact an "albino".
This is the pale one
This bird is from the same group. You can easily see how much darker it is. Suppose the paler one could be a juvenile, but I've seen and watched a lot of these birds over the years and have never seen one this shade of pale. Time will tell.......
Oh well, just thought it interesting. :)

Don't forget the Brisbane Doll and Bear Show at Wynnum this Saturday if you're in the area.
Please come and say hi to Joolz, Laura and moi! We'd love to chat.
Address and details in previous post, and side bar.

My whole life is an experiment . . .
sometimes I get surprising results.

C. Erdmann


  1. Creative talent obviously runs in your family ! That seat is beautiful , I would love to have that in my yard .

  2. That bench seat is awesome! Sorry I can't get to see it in person now! Will definitely check it out when I am back up in Brissy again.

  3. Quite some bench/seat. Laughed at your mum and husband "lurking behind the lizard". My, but lucky you to get such lovely birds in your garden.x

  4. Thank you all for your lovely comments. I really appreciate them. x

  5. That's an amazing bench! What talent!!!!
    I have started bird watching and have not seen an albino bird before! We mostly have pigeons (who doesn't), hummingbirds (my favorite) and a few odd looking birds flying around in our neighborhood. I like to sit very still and watch...sometimes they think I'm a statue and will come almost right up to me until they realized I am a breathing person!

  6. Thanks so much for your comment Jessica and Duglas. Always nice to "see" a new face here! :)
    I think that's amazing that those birds will come that close to you! How good is that?

  7. The bench is just awesome Pam - a big high five to your clever Mum! Although I probably need a visit to the Optician's, as on first look I thought the lizard was actually a Dragon - doh!! It's been a very big week at work & I think maybe my brain's atrophying.
    Millie ^_^


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