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Thursday, August 13, 2009

A green bag?

Well.....sort of maybe. Well yes I think so, when we think of the environment and green!
I've been wanting to try this for a while. This cute little bag has been made from a pre-loved toddler's denim skirt, and apart from the dark blue cotton lining everything else used has been re-cycled.

On the front I've dressed the pockets with bits of vintage doileys, button, old earring, lace and a string of faux pearls

The back has been done up with vintage doileys and buttons.

And the pocket inside has been made from an old doiley too.
I've taken the handles from another unusable bag. Suppose you could say it is a blue/green bag?? :) I'll be listing it on the site tomorrow.

Thought I would try my hand at making a box look aged. I had fun doing this and love the way it came up. I used acrylic paint in robin's egg blue (two coats), sanded it back to the cardboard in many places and then applied a diluted mix of burnt umber, especially in the places where the box is visible.
I then added some pretties, including a print of bluebirds on calico, on the top of the lid. Cute, no? :)

Brisbane Doll Society Inc Annual Doll and Bear Fair
Joolz and I are trading at this event which will be held on Saturday 22nd of this month at Waterloo Bay Leisure Centre, 241 Tingal Rd, Wynnum. If you're in the area and love Bears, Dolls, Craft and Collectables, then please call in and say hi to us. We'd love to see you. I think there is an admission price of around $6.

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  1. Pam, I love, LOVE that purse!! That is the cutest thing!
    Your box turned out really pretty too. You've been busy.
    Hugs, Debi

  2. Yes busy girl that bag is gorgeous !

  3. I love the way that new things can be distressed to look old and display a certain indefinable charm

    I responded to your last comment chez moi and said that life is full of coincidences

    Well spookily the word verification for this comment is vitty
    A Devonshire word meaning good

  4. Thank you all for your lovely comments. I appreciate the time taken to do so.
    And yes Prof, some of those word verifications can be eerily spot on and or relevant.
    Then again some of them can have nothing to do with anything! but sound so much like a real word that you wonder if it really is one! lol.
    The one for this was shniclum!


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