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Monday, August 24, 2009

Winter no more!

Well I think Winter is definitely over in this neck of the woods!! :)
Temperatures here today hit the mid thirties, and Spring is still a week away. Quite unseasonable.
But on a related matter, I have to say I was quite happy coz we just had insulation pumped into our roof under the government's Energy Efficient Homes Package, which means we got it done for free. Yay!, and today proved to us that it is going to be effective during the very hot summer that we will have here.
I had been sitting in our office at the computer for most of the morning dressed in long trousers, long sleeves and ugg type boots, feeling quite comfy, unaware of the temp outside. Just before lunch I walked out onto our back deck and was amazed at how hot and stuffy it felt! In these conditions, the inside of our house would normally have felt just as hot as the deck, and the ceiling would have felt hot to the touch, but neither of these things happened. So we're happy campers. :)

Thought I would share these pics of the flower from a plant I have in a pot in our back yard. Just looking at this flower brings back pleasant childhood memories and touches something deep inside me.
It's called Solandra Maxima or Chalice Vine, and it was growing very near us when I was around 6 years of age. I so love the perfume which I can only describe as heavy, vanilla/caramel?? The flower itself feels almost leathery to the touch, can measure up to around 7ins across, is very short-lived and smells strongest at night. It grows quite rampant planted in the soil, here in the sub-tropics/topics.

This pic was taken at night and shows what a spectacular flower it can be.

This is about two days before it opened and these buds can measure up to 10ins long!

Each of us is the accumulation of our memories. ~ Alan Loy McGinnis


  1. Hi Pam! That flower is amazing!
    Am not sure I am feeling too sorry for you folks up there with the warm weather... we have been hitting the chilly temps again this week and are hoping for more that 5 minutes of straight sunshine!! Ahh, Tassie life!

  2. Thanks Annie.
    Maybe we can feel sorry for each other for our different extremes in weather! :)
    It's been much more pleasant today thankfully.


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