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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Inspiration struck/strikes/stroke?????

I've found another use for one of my small vintage ports/cases!! Really chuffed with myself too. :) It's now a magazine rack/holder. Probably not a new idea; someone else has surely thought of it already. But it only came to me today in a moment of sheer inspiration!
Now I have somewhere to keep all my cherished Cloth Paper Scissors & Quilting Art mags! I am a happy camper. lol.

Because I have been working way too much at the computer lately with the change to the new host and also new graphics for the blog and now the site (yes I have a completely new look for the site now too!!), today I decided to take some time away from it. Firstly with a trip to one of the local hardware stores to check out what's out there for new kitchen cupboards etc (if we can ever afford to get them), and secondly to my much neglected studio (I so luv to go there. Nice feeling), where I started work on some luggage tags that I will dress up some. I have stained and baked them and stuck on some music print, lace, and prints of vintage things. Maybe some buttons and other vintage things! If I manage to finish them tomorrow I'll post some pics of them.

I've so missed working in my little space. Even with all the puter work, I realise I should try to make time every day for creating. It's definitely soul food..............don't you think?

Night and sweet dreams.

Happiness makes up in height what it lacks in length. ~ Robert Frost

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  1. Hi Pam I have just found your blog and am following you .I will take a bit more time and have a proper sticky , what I have seen looks really interesting , thanks . Hope you have a great Easter .


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