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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Look at me! Aren't I pretty??

I just luuuv my new look blog! Aren't those little birdies so cute. Here's the beginning of the change I mentioned in a previous post. Many thanks to Amybug. Hope you all like the new look too.......

Speaking of little birdies..... While working on my computer yesterday, I looked out of the window and saw these sweet little things in amongst the overgrowth of weeds and wild vegetable plants in my old vegie garden. The lower one was after the sorghum on the end of the stalk. I used to have chooks and this was part of their feed. The other one went down to join the first, but came back up with a seed head of couch. They are Pale Headed Rosellas I believe. Obviously a mated pair. Sat and watched for some time, accompanied by my puss Pushka, who I'm sure wanted to get up much closer and personal! :) It was such a lovely thing to watch.
Sweet dreams.

Happiness is perfume, you can't pour it on somebody else without getting a few drops on yourself. ~ James Van DerZee


  1. I love the look of the blog! -e

  2. Hi Pam - what a lovely fresh look, I love it!
    Millie ^_^

  3. Pam,
    I like your new blog the blue polka dots, and the little birds are cute!
    You sure see prettier birds out your window than I see out mine! Wow! So colorful.
    Have a Happy Easter,

  4. e: Thanks for your kind words. I rather like the look of yours too. Haven't seen one quite like it before.

    Millie: Thanks and it does feel fresher! Think I was ready for a change. :)

    Debi: Thanks for your comment. Aren't those birds in my garden sweet though!? Don't know if you have them over there. I would imagine you have parrots of some sort though. These are usually found in pairs and would be the quietest type of parrot I've heard yet. They seem so gentle compared to some of the others. :)

    Thank you all. I like to think that anyone who comments is aware that I do read them and appreciate them.

  5. Lookin good..!
    Glad you are happy with your new look. We all need a 'freshen up' every now and then. Love the birdies too!

  6. Blog looking great. What I'd give to look out of the window and see birds like that. Wow! x


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