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Monday, April 25, 2016

Makeover Monday - a quick cardy makeover & a Simply Neutral Mushroom?

well a 33 minutes quick for Jody for Makeover Monday over at Sew Outside the Lines, but a couple of days for me!  ;) But still it was easy enough.

I got these two cardies at Kmart at the end of Winter season last year for $5 each and hardly wore them. Mainly because the weather warmed up and they are a large size, but of course as is my habit, I figured I could alter them to make them smaller.....ahh yep, sure!! I think I'd call it mindless spending!!

When Jody put up her quickie re-invent I went with it. I've only done the cream/white one so far but will try to get to the striped one before the end of the cold weather......maybe.   :P

Because it's not a very long cardy I cut off only the ribbing around the bottom, but as you can see in the pics, the arms are quite long so I also cut the ribbing off them. What on earth was I thinking wearing something that probably would have looked good on an orangutan!? I quite often question my stoopid choices in fashion!

The idea was to use a wide bias binding on these edges, but all I had on hand was a very narrow plain white one. Though I have to say I was very happy and surprised by how NOT like a mess it all turned out! lol

I think I'd like to replace the buttons with some lovely mismatched ones(as Jody was saying she might do with hers), and possibly a vintage lacy motif on one side.

I'm off now to see what Jody has in store for this week's Makeover Monday!  


I thought I would also link up with Wen's Simply Neutrals Tuesday with a soft sculptured fabric Mushroom I made just recently.
It's mostly neutrals of browns and creams and whites, but I've made the cup of the mushroom from a very delicate and beautiful shade of blue silk fabric. It's almost silver Wen!   ;)

It lies inside a vintage wooden cigar box.

Hopefully it's neutral enough to play along!  :)


May your bobbin always be full!   


  1. Spoken like a true REinventor Pam i.e. buying new knowing they had REinventing potential down the track. The cream one looks so much better now - done up or undone.
    Look forward to seeing what you come up with this week - you know you don't have to follow my lead…although it is interesting from my persepctive to see how well my REinvents translate to others.

    Thanks for joining in. Xx

  2. Wow, you made that mushroom yourself??? It's stunning dear friend! Thank you for sharing :) And loved reading your cardigans story, I am sooo not good in fashion myself as well, wearing the same old shirts over and over again because I just can't bother to buy new ones, haha! Wishing you a sweet day, xx

  3. It is gorgeous , I love your mushroom , what a most beautiful art piece, I`m so glas Wendy showed it on her new week of neutrals.

  4. It is simply beautiful.Have a lovely day.

  5. I truly LOVE this! Congrats on being featured on Wen's blog! hugs and JOY!

  6. Hello there Pam, What a wonderful post! So glad I was able to peek in~
    I love the idea for the sweater; and @ such a great $ of 5$. You have created a whole new look! Thanks for sharing~ Karen O

  7. Hi Pam, What a gorgeous way to display your fabulous mushroom. It looks so real! I'm glad you were featured or I might have missed your blogpost :)


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