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Monday, April 11, 2016

'MakeOver Monday' Cardy Party Show & Tell

I love to alter clothes.....well anything really! But I've been following Jody's MakeOver Monday meme for a while and when she decided to have a Cardy Party Show & Tell, I decided I'd like to take part.

To play along we had to choose two cardys that were too small and proceed to make them into one that fitted.
The black and green above were my choice. Given that none of my cardys are too small, I chose to cut more out of the sides of the green one than was needed, and make it the keeper.
The black one, a favourite that was falling apart but that I just couldn't throw away, lost it's sleeves to the cause. They became wedges in both sides of the green to make a slightly larger size. Maybe the rest of it will serve as an under-vest for winter!   ;) 

 The finished changeling!! The buttons, some gorgeous tartan wool fabric covered ones and two loops of ribbon are only pinned in at the moment until I can find time to sew them in and decide which way to go with the loops or not go with the loops.
You can see the black side wedges in the photo below.

The bit left over from one of the sleeves is what you see around the neck, sewn on to look a bit like a collar.....but not....   :)

I was trying for a close up of the tartan buttons but I don't seem to be taking very good photos lately!

Overall I quite like my new cardy, but I think that really it looks more like a small jacket.  :)
I'd love Jody's grey one she did for the party and would probably get more use out of it, but I'm happy with what I've done!

I'm a big cardigan sweater guy. ~ James Franco


  1. WOW Pam you gorgeous clever thing!
    I love what you've done - so creative and very wearable.
    Thanks for joining in. x

  2. Very very nice Pam! I got my cardies but haven't done them yet, bit busy. My keeper is green too but the other one is grey. Next week hopefully.x

  3. Wacko !! your a clever little birdie indeed you are. And it's so nice to see you back on your blog again.

  4. Hi love Jodies makeovers as well and you have done a smashing job with the cardies. Well done you. xx

    1. Thank you so much for your lovely comment Leanne! Appreciate it and your visit, and yes Jody's so clever isn't she! :)

  5. That is such a gorgeous outcome...two of my favourite colours to wear your extra bits like the collar and sleeves. The loops look lovely too...but would they be practical for you. Xxxxx


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