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Sunday, September 23, 2012

A-thrifting I have been....

This week for Thrift-a-long (over at divajools's place) is mostly linens for me.
Except for this lovely bundle of pages from a couple of vintage Australian Women's Weekly and Woman's Day magazines, dated 1966 & 67! They'll be very handy for some of my mixed media work. Or just scanned into my pooter for future use or reference.  Noice!  :)


They were found under the old lino in one of the rooms in the house next door which is being renovated by the new owners that moved in a couple of months ago. Unfortunately the old lino was far too gone to be any good.Very sad about that coz it's very pretty. But I did manage to save a bit that must have been under a cupboard or rug coz the colour and condition was much better than the rest.

It's going to be part of a reconstruction I want to do on a lovely small red vintage beauty case. 

Couldn't believe my luck when I walked into Endos to find these curtains hanging on the rack and just waiting for li'l ole me!
They all look like bark cloth, quite retro and fully lined. The retro-est one on the right is only 'one of' though, more's the pity. But the others are pairs. $9.95 for the pairs each and $5.95 for the single.
What to do with them!? Joolz thinks for the back of my chenille cloths etc, but I'm not sure. I'm thinking they deserve much more than that. So many options.....aprons, cushions, clothes mmmmmm......

Another lucky find, on the same day, but over at Save the Children. Lovely pink colour, single chenille bedspread only $4. 
My luck in finding these sort of linens around these parts doesn't normally happen!

Now this chenille bedspread I bought months ago, but I knew it wouldn't fit in our washing machine, being as big and thick as it is and kept thinking I'd have to take a trip to the local laundromat to see if the tiny rust-like marks would come out.
Then quick as a wink(yeah right! quick as 3 months!!!;)) it came to me that if I cut it up first, then I could wash it here! After all it was going to be cut up for cloths and fat 1/4's anyway. You can tell I'm a real bright spark sometimes, hey? Hmmmmm, I wonder about myself sometimes!  :)
It came up really well actually with just a few stains remaining, but I'm happy now with the amount I can use after all. I'd been thinking I would be able to do much with it.
It's a large single by the looks of it and had separate flaps/frills(?) along 3 sides, as they do sometimes!  $15 I think it might have been.

I got this at the same time as the pink bedspread and it's just one of those very often found small lace tablecloths. But they're very handy as the under skirt or layer for a vintage style apron, so I'll get them if I find them. $1 or $2 I think.

So pop over to Sue's and maybe share your thrifting adventures or have a look at other peep's goodies! 


Just thought I would also mention that I ended up as a runner up in the challenge for Mind Wide Open last week/month!! How very cool is that? Very proud of myself indeed!

So I got to pick myself out a sheet of lovely vintage images of sisters. 
So if you feel the need to push yourself and join the challenge make sure you visit the MWO blog and sign up for it.

Many warm thanks again to Gail for hosting this great monthly challenge, and for my lovely prize! 

For pleasure has no relish unless we share it.  ~  Virginia Woolf


  1. So glad you could join us Pam! The curtains are a great find - what about ottomans - how cool would that be? Or reupholstering chairs - oh you are right the options are endless! Loving the discovery of printed media under the floor covering - those were the days! looks like your thrifting week was full of goodies.

  2. Great finds, Pam. So glad the neighbours didn't just toss the papers.

  3. Thats a score and a half Pam, such great graphics on the cloth. I see Cushions, Bags, Tea Towels. So much fun. xx

  4. Well you have had a successful bit of thrifting haven't you? If you get stuck on what to do with the bark cloth I know someone who loves to make quilts out of it. xxxxx

  5. Hi Pam
    I hope I get to leave this comment as I have been trying but was unable to get passed the cryptic letter thingo :o)
    What great finds ! and I would love to see how you put some of your ideas together because they sound wonderful.
    Hoping to be back on the blog a little more, I need to get my head into a happier place and you girls are the way to do that. Congratulations on runner up I did see that but once again was not able to leave a message.

  6. OMG !!!! I did it dont ask me how and it may never happen again but lets try shall we :o) here goes....

  7. Some great finds there Pam.....

  8. Hi Pam. Great finds, you did well and I can't wait to see the fantastic things you'll make. Hugs, Linda

  9. Great finds with the is a rarity to find good pieces these days. x


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