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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

mmmm, it's been a wee while!

 Yes it's definitely been a while since I was here! I truly cannot believe how fast the days are flying by!! An old cliche I know but oh so very true for me. Are you feeling the same way?
I've been busy, and for me that's a good thing a way!  :)

So.... I've been busy with the Mind Wide Open challenge again for October, and this is my entry, made using an old child's board book that I've obviously altered. I really enjoyed this one, but it's quite different from most of the other pieces entered which were largely along the theme of Halloween. They are all fabulous and look like such fun pieces. But being an Australian who doesn't celebrate the holiday(though I love to make items for it to sell) I kept mine to the theme of happy family!  :)

Our little craft group has grown a bit over the last months and seems to have become a more regular thing on Thursdays, so I thought it prudent to make more room around the table and moved a few things around in the studio. It now sits 7, though we aren't that many at the mo.
This was taken a couple of weeks ago.

There a few that know me who think I'm quite organised and tidy when it come to my studio, so I took a pic to prove that I can be just as untidy and disorganised as the next crafter! The mess on the table and chair and the floor (which is just out of shot) is just for one project(see the first pic above!)!  :)

I've been trying to build up my stock of chenille cloths seeing as how I sold out of them! I'm doing the BrisStyle Eco Market next month and really need to get a move on to have enough stock that falls into the criteria of recycled, repurposed, eco friendly or sustainable.

Just lately I've been really enjoying the perfume of Honeysuckle in my studio each day. I have a lovely bush that has been in full flower for weeks, and every time I walk in or out of the studio door I'm rewarded with their beautiful scent! LOVE it! I took a pic of the bush just to show you all, but have forgotten to upload it. Another time perhaps.

Quite pleased with the finished look of this apron that has been made with vintage linens and laces.

I  this made for a bag challenge on Cloth Doll Artistry, and I set myself a challenge within that challenge. Without borrowing a pattern(so to speak) I wanted to design a messenger style bag using only two pieces of fabric: without a separately added flap as is usually the case. I also wanted to use only recycled/re-purposed upholstery samples and curtain lining that would normally be tossed away. I managed to do this apart from the shoulder strap which was made from fabric cut from an old dress.
I'm quite pleased with the result.

 The photo does not do any justice to this little guy! I've used a pattern from The Cheswick Company and some black furry fabric that Joolz gave me. It came from an old black coat that she got from the op shop and it's perfect for little black crows!!!  lol.

This is just some of what I've been up to while awol! But I'm afraid I can't fit it all in here!   and besides I don't want to bore you away from the blog do I?   ;D


Be yourself. Everyone else is taken.  ~  Oscar Wilde


  1. hire mobile application developerAmazing blog! Do you have any recommendations for aspiring writers? I’m hoping to start my own website soon but I’m a little lost on everything.

  2. Hi Pam, I like your MWO piece and I will vote for you again because you are I think the only one who did not vandalize that lovely family. I kept thinking 'gee, this is someone's family, I shouldn't vandalize this image." But I did! Oh, I love your black crow/pin keep, the crow is so cute. Thanks for your visit and comment. Hugs, Linda

  3. You put me to shame Pam with all your creating. I have been so slack lately. I love all that you have done and the crow is very clever. Maybe I need to pull out that lovely bark cloth that turned up in the post the other day and see what I can be inspired to make. xxx

  4. I think that the words you have used in your challenge are really lovely, thanks for sharing with us Pam.

  5. Wow!!! You definitely have NOT been idle, Pam! Great post. Good luck at the market :) Happy crafting, Jenny

  6. Love seeing all your new things! You certainly have been busy!! I particularly like your apron and the little crow. You inspire me :) x

  7. I'm loving your entry Pam. What a crafty little crafter you are too.

  8. I love your apron.....what a fun thing to do have other lovely crafty people meeting together regularly...there is nothing better than crafting with friends. xx

  9. I know I know, I'm a tad late with my comment but as you said, time is flying and Chrissy is now bashing on my back door with all her tinsel and baubles ready to be hung and, me....well I'm running a little late as always :o) but now I'm here let me say I love love love your altered art book, just beautiful and your Crow, how sweet is he, he looks like a bit of a larrikin. The apron is beautiful Pam, you do such lovely work. I miss my crafty group from my coastal home :o( sometimes I wanna go home, back to my friends and family :o(.
    I'm having trouble getting onto my blog from my new puter and this old girl that I'm tapping about on wont accept my camera's memory stick so I cant add pics to my blog from here !!! ahhhhh bother !!!!!
    PS I need your address again lost it in the big crash, ha ha ha.
    Hugs & more Hugs
    ME :O))

  10. Oh Pam, blow halloween...your altered Happy Family pieces are fabulous! Love them better, much much better, than halloween.

  11. Hi Pam, wow you have been busy love all your creations especially the little crow and lace apron (now that's given me an idea). I bet you look forward to your crafting group it looks nice and cosy in your studio and i'm sure there's lots of laughter and sharing of ideas.
    Good luck with your upcoming markets. Andrea X

  12. Great work! Lovin' the vintage-ness of it all.


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