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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

JaM ~ A is for Announcements, Adventures and A Giveaway

JaM for this week over at Jody's is

'announcements & adventures
been anywhere we haven't,
seen stuff outside your everyday,
heard something we need to know'

Well, I haven't been anywhere exciting enough lately to speak of and I'm pretty sure I haven't heard something that you NEED to know!  :))
But something has actually happened that may be outside my everyday, and hopefully it will be interesting enough not to drive you away in boredom! 

I got home yesterday after lunch and found the Madeit newsletter in my inbox and there's one of my vintage chenille dishcloths featured in it! Sweet. 
It was one of the new sort I've just started to make with chenille only on one side instead of two. I started making them with vintage table linens and cloths thinking it would stretch my precious chenille a little further, and decided I like them better that way. Anyhoo back to the tale!

I think I only had about four different colours listed in my store, but would you believe I've sold 19 dishcloths since that newsletter went out!!!! Granted 11 of those are going to be custom listings once I get them made, but how fabbo is that!!?? Oh and also one shower mitt and a pineapple potholder.

Now THAT is not my everyday, believe me.

Very grateful I am of course, but oh my I'm going to be super busy sewing up the orders and lots extra for my store stock and for the BrisStyle market I'm doing at the end of the month!
My stock of all things chenille was very depleted over the Christmas period and I hadn't quite gotten it together yet to fill my shelves again.

Now Jody has just done a Shop Refit and added some great new things to it, so to celebrate she has decided to have a giveaway and you need to leave a comment on her post to be in the running. So run now, run fast but hopefully you won't win it instead of me! ;o)


  1. What a fabulous idea and they look beautiful!

  2. Well done Pam, they look fantastic!

  3. Congratulations on your sales, they are lovely.

  4. Hi Pam, I've been thinking about you and I wanted to see how you're doing. I was concerned about all the flooding going on again. Hey, congratulations on your sales and orders. I love how the new look of your towels. Have a great day! Hugs, Linda

  5. Thats so lovely - what a nice surprise for you. Have fun sewing! I am needing some chenille too, I'd really like to make some clothes for a doll or 2 with some. Your dishclothes look so bright and summery.

  6. Congrats, and happy sewing... just when you were worrying about what to put on your blog posts! Was that the yellow chenille making the headlines? Happy crafting, Jenny :)

  7. Whip up a mountain of them Pam for they are sure to be a winner at the market..........

  8. That's definitely worth announcing - they're gorgeous and practical too - sure to be winners!

    Thanks for stopping by and joining in Pam. x

  9. Wow! I am so happy for you Pam! Great news - not that you'll be so busy but that many are finding out how beautiful your chenille cloths are. I refuse to put mine in water - I'm using it for a doily in my breakfast room and the chenille apple potholder is hanging up amongst other country items. Hugs Dianne

  10. What a wonderful idea Pam. They look too good to put in the sink! I am glad that sales for them are going so well. Good on you girl and keep it going!
    Thanks for your visit and lovely comment.
    So appreciated!
    x Suzy

  11. wow, great news, happy crafting for Brisie

  12. So happy that your sales are up Pam. I like the blue one. See you Friday.


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