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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

My clever sister....

...who doesn't think she really is. But I know she really is!

I created a blog back in 2010 as a sort of birthday gift for my sister Sandy, as well as to have a funny little online journal/journey for photos that we'd taken of things, people and places that we ourselves found interesting or funny enough or beautiful enough. I called it Snapshots of Beauty.

When Sandy and I had taken a prize trip to Canada in 2005, she took soooooo many shots of many of their beautiful native, or weedy or just plain flowers. I thought this blog would be a fabbo place for her to list all of these instead of leaving them to live on a cd for the rest of their lives!
You know, I don't think she's published very many of those particular flowers as yet!!  :)) 

What she has published though, is an amazing amount of fantastic, beautiful, wonderful, funny and very interesting photos of so many different bugs, flowers, food, birds and places(I don't think I've left any subject or adjective out here have I sis?)
In fact if it hadn't been for her I think the blog would have sunk into oblivion by now, coz I haven't been a very good contributor for quite a while! She has kept it going pretty much on her own with just the occasional pic of mine thrown in now and then. For that dear sister and good friend of mine, I thank you a big bunch! xxx

 Having to have photos on hand to update the blog, she found she was looking around and taking much more notice of her surroundings and what's out there to be seen, which in turn has made others that know her and travel anywhere with her, start noticing things more as well, and that has to be a good thing, yes?

Her abilities and talent with a camera have grown so much over the past almost two years! She is doing some wonderful stuff, and the photos above are testimony to that. They are just a few of the photos that she got made up, online, into a few calendars for herself and me and mum for 2012. They were part of our Christmas gifts from her. If you could only see them in rool life!! They are fabulous! Yes....they really are Sandy.  :)
Well done you. Proud and pleased I am!

Speaking of clever sisters! Look what else was in my gift from her!

sub title is Sewing to reinvent, upcycle and customize your wardrobe.

and you know how much I love to alter clothes and aprons! Obviously she does too! It looks to be very cool indeed. Loving what I've read of it so far.

In the cookies of life, sisters are the chocolate chips!  ~  Unknown.


  1. What amazing photos, Pam. I'm sure you will have fun with the book :) Best wishes for the New Year, and happy crafting, Jenny

  2. Pam the photos are amazing. Artistic talent runs in your family. I really like your sister quote too. Happy New Year Pam and Sandy! Hugs, Linda

  3. You certainly know how to make me cry! Thank you for your kind words and confidence in my abilities. Takes one to know one I would say. Here's to the best of everything for us in the coming year. Love you, Pam. sniffle snuffle. :)

    Keep on blogging on girl...

  4. What a touching blog you've written Pam! Sounds like your sister is almost as special as you are! Hugs Dianne

  5. Awwwwww that was very touching and sweet Pammy and she is definitely a clever lady...... with everything and anything..... and a super cool woman. BUT in saying that, you are an incredibley talented little lady yourself so kudos to you!! Love you and happy new year xx

  6. Great photos and what a loving sister; you are both blessed!


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