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Friday, January 13, 2012

Is it just me....

...or are there others out there that feel that they may never catch up with everything they need, want or even have to do!!?? Does anyone else feel that as you're getting older that it's getting harder to do this?
I start out each day with good intentions of doing amazing things during the day.
Get up reasonably early, have a walk, feed the menagerie, eat my breakfast, and then sit at the pooter to reply to emails that have come in, then perhaps list a couple of items in one or all my stores and then visit some of my fav blogs and leave comments or even publish a post myself. Surely it can't be all that difficult.............can it??......apparently so(to me anyway!!), coz I very rarely get this accomplished, and I find myself slipping further and further behind with all of it!!!!
There are days when I truly feel like the poor bugger in the cartoon below!  :))

Then the guilt sets in because I haven't replied to emails from bloggy or online friends that I know should have been replied to many, many days and sometimes even weeks before! (#Even this post has been sitting here for days waiting for me to get back to it :(  ((sigh)) it just me? Please tell me it isn't!!
There are also the days where I don't feel.....just right, if you know what I mean? Very tired, washed out,  sometimes followed by an unwell feeling with maybe a bit of a headache. It's very hard to 'make' myself just do it!
But it's ok really, coz I'm thinking I'll make an appointment to have a check up next week. Maybe some blood tests etc. But personally I'm thinking much of it is hormonal. After all I am hitting the grand age of 56(gasp!!!!) this year, and it hasn't been a totally easy transition into the menopausal years.

But I do manage to get some things done. Like....

...and there are these fab days when I get these little gems finished.

...the bestest market I've ever done!! Kid you not. Fabulous night it was!
playing in the kitchen, eg making up my own cous cous salad!  Yummo.

More soon. 

Take it easy, and on yourself! Something I've yet to hone to a fine art. But I'm working very hard at it!  :) xox

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.  ~  Eleanor Roosevelt


  1. It's not just you. And for what its worth I don't need replies to my comments unless I ask a question. I know you appreciate it. I'd rather you had s life than replied to emails.

  2. Now that I am home all day everyday I am not as organised as I was. I think it has something to do with thinking you have all day today and tomorrow etc to do things so things just don't seem to get done. Living without deadlines just seems to have slowed me down. Maybe that is the reason Pam, surely not ageing?

  3. Hi Pam, Listen, I have 9 years on you and I'm hear to tell you it doesn't get better. LOL! I've been there and done all that. I'm trying this year to do better. I've decided that I will not beat myself up if I don't get it all done. I love all your wonderful bird inspired things. If you want I'm having a celebration give away you are welcome to enter. It's a gift certificate from the shop of a mutual old friend. I think she is responsible for us meeting. Be good to yourself! Hugs, Linda

  4. It's not just you. And if you really want to know, I think you do an amazing amount of stuff compared to me. I often think "If only I was more like Pam". So stick that in your pipe and smoke it. Love always.

  5. I agree with Sandy, but I also think early starts could be your problem.... I HATE and thank you for putting my calendar on your is the first blog where I have found it :) Best wishes, and happy crafting, Jenny :)

  6. I feel the same way. Every day I start out eager to meet the day and make things happen. It doesn't take long before I'm behind--after picking up around the house, laundry, cleaning, paperwork, bills etc etc etc. By the time my daughter gets home from school I realize I haven't even taken a shower yet. And that's the days I don't have to work at my job. At the end of the day I never feel caught up, and most days I don't even get a chance to create. I used to set a timer, and maybe it's time to start that practice again. Also, planning a weekly menu on Saturday, and getting up a bit earlier might help.

    Best of luck, and if you figure it out, please share!

  7. Wish I was 56 again! I have reason to be behind! I don't believe it's age or hormones - I think we just bite off more than we can chew - demanding more and more of ourselves! And to - if you think about it - would you be happy if you WERE all caught up and sitting at the pooter twiddling your thumbs! You're doing a great job Pam - you create your own products, run a few blogs and a website, prepared for an outdoor market, keep a home, and still find time to maintain your friendships and offer your help when needed.

    I've come to learn that taking a day off regularly to do something different than your everyday routine, is a good thing. I'm always refreshed and have more energy when I return to work. I know I'll never be caught up and probably don't want to be either!

    By the way - I'm glad to see the pics from the latest market you did, and I'm so happy for how well it went! Get that check up and afterward take a deep breath and tell yourself "Every day above ground is a good one - even if you are a little behind!"


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