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Friday, October 28, 2011

Lately in my.......

Studio, amongst other things....

Still trying to make sweet little things.
Loving altering more and more every time I do it!
Wonderfully, both of these have sold.
Not altered. From vintage linens, but I love the way it's turned out.
Remember the order for 100 of these last year? Well I've been asked to do another order for them again this year! Sweet.
Experimenting! Potato flour scones. Bit crumbly, but surprisingly still very nice indeed! But like most scones.....need to be eaten on the day they are cooked.

Poor man's capers. Love the idea of using wild things to make food with and Nasturtium seeds make fab substitute capers! Loving them scattered through my salad.
I'll be adding them to My Recipes blog....eventually.  :)


Finally managed to get myself back into the backyard to plant up some vegies! Have been wanting to do this for .....lost count of how long now!
Just a small one to start, but I hope to add more over time. 
Beans, Snow Peas, Tomatoes, Lettuce and Eggplant.
We've added a net for some protection from cats, birds and bugs esp fruit fly which are out all over the place here, but now we're wondering if it will stop pollination of any kind. Not sure if these vegies need bees or not. I'm sure I read somewhere long ago, that not all vegies need them.
Will have to google it I suppose. Anyone out there know?

I'm calling it my box ghost! Looks great at night billowing in the breeze! lolol. 

Some of you may remember the old, old vegie garden that was full of rubbish and muchly overgrown with my beloved Nasturtium? It gets quite wet in the times of continual rain and that's why I put the new one up the yard further and decided on a slightly raised bed.
We've cut it in half and cleared that of all the unwanted stuff, and though it's hard to see in this pic, I've planted more beans at the back of the bed and potatoes at the front. and even though I'm sure you'll be bored to tears, I'll post pics of  the progress of both gardens. Lucky, lucky you!!  :))

Phew!...another long post for you. But hey, you've got nothing better to do with your time.....right?! Almost done, I promise.


I won a trip for two to New Zealand!!! Woo hoo! Now that's sweet, yes?! I'm taking my sister with me seeing as she's the one that sent me all the info(and the answer!!). Probably won't be until next year...around March.

I've just been accepted into the BrisStyle Etsy Street Team! Yay! Thanks heaps girls. Should be a fabulous time for me and I hope to be participating in some of their wonderful markets, info sessions and forums etc. Looking forward to it

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  1. WOW - potato scones. Weird... but interesting. So many wonderfully sweet things in your studio... as always :)

  2. Looks like you are keeping busy Pam with all sorts of things. Congratulations on winning the trip and being accepted into the BrisStyle Etsy Street Team (whatever that is)

  3. Hey nice to see you back. Congrats on the trip. I'm sure you and your sister will have a great time! Oh...and ditto with Jackie for the BrisStyle thingy xx

  4. Hi Pam, It's nice to hear from you. I love your aprons and bird creations. Congratulations on winning a trip and your big order. I recently won an apron in a give away, I have it posted on my blog. Good luck with the garden. We are having SNOW here. Summer ended too soon for me. Hugs, Linda

  5. congratulations on the trip; have a fabulous, but safe, time!

  6. It all look great, Pam. March should be a good time for NZ... they might have forgotten they beat us in the footy results by then, but you might want to keep an eye on the Happy crafting, Jenny :)

  7. Hey Pam, How are you? Seems like ages since we bumped into each other at the Garden Centre, love your vege garden, xx Katherine

  8. Just whipped over to say thanks for your recent comment on my blog and to see what you have been up to. You appear to be as busy as ever... love the pinnies, especially the vintage linen one. I was fascinated by your use of nasturtium seeds.............

  9. Bit late with my comment :o) but I don't seem to get here often, but I love the aprons !! so so pretty and your little birds are as always beautiful. I am still working on the pay it forward pieces, I try to get a little something done when I get a spare min. Hope your life is floating happily along.


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