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Thursday, December 1, 2011

It's pretty much official................

I suck!.......... at blogging, evidenced by the dates of the last posts on my 3 blogs. Just to save you looking back, it's been quite a while!
........and at gardening, evidenced by the lack of photos on this blog, of my latest attempts at vegie gardening.
NOT a pretty pic!

I thought if I joined one or two online challenges it might help me keep up the momentum, but after managing to finish one, Tag Tuesday was closed down due to ill health on the host's part, and I haven't gotten around to finding another to join just yet!
Since I fell off the blog wagon some months back (some of you may remember!) I just don't seem to be able to get back up and fight the tiredness, flushing, apathy, emotional roller coaster, etc etc etc. It mostly just all feels too hard much of the time. Wow! Big confession there?!

The garden.....well what can I say?! blick!!! I blame the soil we got from the landscaper, mostly.  :) It was supposedly rich enough to last about a month, but we had dug in some food scraps before planting and I also fed them with some Seasol.
Those poor ole beans just didn't like the neighbourhood, the lettuce wants to remain babies, the tomato also isn't too keen on living here either!
I've had a handful of peas but the eggplant has actually got some small fruit coming on. Thank heaven for small mercies!!!

OK! Enough of the self pity party. After sewing up much in the chenille dishcloth and shower mitt department, finishing another altered apron (which is pretty nice even if I do say so myself!!)
Pardon?? You want to see a pic of  it?! Oh ok, if you insist!
It went from this.  Sweet yes?
Sooo....after all this bit of busyness getting ready for my very first market(10th Dec) with BrisStyle(our local Etsy team) which I'm doing with my bestie Joolz, I thought I would try out how my side of the stall would look. This is what My Creative Space has been for the best part of the week, and it's all a bit exciting indeed!

Not a very good pic I'm afraid
..........but I'm sure you get the gist.
I've been trying out different things, have to work out what hangs from the gazebo and what doesn't, do I have too much stuff(can one have too much? I'm beginning to think so. I'm thinking that maybe I have too much diversity. What do you think? I'd be very interested in getting others' opinions on this!), this tablecloth or that one, and on it goes as I'm sure a lot of you already know. Or is it just me that gets this particular?  :))

When I've got it just right I might even take a photo of it so I can remember where it all goes!!! Talk about anal!!
But you can see many more creative spaces here. Go take a peep.

That might do me and my wonderful wafflings(!?;)) for today. Seems that once I get started it isn't all that hard at all! Huh! Go figure. Trick now is to work out how to get myself started in the first place without using my own pity or guilt as a kick start!

Take care now, and just remember...........

Without a plan procrastination is useless!  ;~)))))))))))))  Sorry, no idea who said that.


  1. I tried to help with the kick start using my jumper leads, but all we did was pop all the circuit breakers. Will try a higher voltage next time.

  2. Well there you are Pam!! Maybe you just don't have a green thumb for growing vegies? Ok so here is a challenge for you that may get your butt moving. All I ask is for one photo a day until Christmas. You don't even have to write anything. Can you do that?? I think you can. Might be kinder than your DH and his jumper leads!!!

  3. Awwww. Have been wondering what you have been up to. Chin up.

  4. Your set up looks great, and those aprons are just beautiful!! I hope it's a wonderful market for you Pam! xx

  5. Hi Pam, Your apron is gorgeous! Your creative table looks great, I think you might ned a larger table or if you hang some of the items. It's like walking into a little gift shop filled with beautiful works of art. I was glad you posted, I have been thinking I should stop by to see how you are. Sorry your garden isn't doing well. JUst remember it isn't your fault. Hugs, Linda

  6. Glad to see you back in 'Blogland' :) Maybe it's best to quit while you are ahead (gardening)... my neighbour's dog keep taking my tomatoes... yes he loved to play ball, and no, I don't have a garden any!!!! Happy crafting, Jenny


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