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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

At my house.......

.....we now have a lovely clear and clean space under our back deck.......finally! Yay!!
This is a chore that I've been wanting to do for sooooooooo long, but just keeps getting pushed back and back, as you do! With the result that every time I walk up the back steps I try to do it with my eyes closed so that I can't see the eyesore under and around them.This is one of those spaces around the home where things get put until another time........a time that rarely comes!

The bin doesn't live here btw. I was throwing junk into it at the time! :)




Sorting, cleaning and throwing pots.
Such a satisfying feeling after this sort of clean up, yes?

I've joined in with a meme on Buttons by Lou Lou.
All you need to do is blog about what is happening at your house and then back to her site.
It can be fun playing along, so I've dipped my toe in (so to speak) to see how I go. I think I'm supposed to post on Monday, but I'm only half a day late if so!  :)) 
The new link list starts every Monday, so if you'd like to play along just pop over to Lou's and add your blog to the list.
See you there!  :))

Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending. ~ Maria Robinson


  1. such satisfaction in cleaning is there not! that's what i should be doing right now......

  2. You have been busy! Must be something in the air over the long weekend, i started cleaning out cupboards hanging hooks, scraping sticky bits of walls & neatening up the garden. You're right, very satisying work, cleansing almost! Your blog is looking great too, I like the fresh new look..

  3. looks like a lovely spot to have a cuppa! Great job!

  4. ohhh decluttering, it can be such a big sigh of relief.
    well done and wow, look at all those pots!
    happy gardening

  5. I like the new look of your blog. Great tidy up.... do you think I could catch the "Tidy Bug" by just touching the keyboard?

  6. Thanks for joining in this week. Doesn't have to be on Monday - that's just when the new link list starts. You can join in any time.

    I love a good clean out. SO satisfying. I hope it stays beautiful for a long time so you can enjoy it every time you go up and down the stairs instead of groaning!

  7. Looks great and would be a lovely cool cuppa spot in Summer .

  8. You've inspired me. Now, you can enjoy it so much more. I have one of those places downstairs in my used-to-be family room. I've got to clean it out! Now, it's full of displays and product and boxes from my use-to-be store. I need more inspiration!

  9. I noticed you love the magazines that I love to read! Aren't they wonderful?


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