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Monday, March 22, 2010

My Place & Yours ~ Top Drawer

So this week's theme is Top Drawer! Mmmm....... I don't have too many top drawers that are actually mine, but I wanted to be part of the meme again, so I've come up with the only one's I do have.
Sooo not very interesting are my drawers, but one has to play, right??

1st drawer is theoretically not just mine, but I am the one who made it organised and tries to keep it that way. :)

The 2nd is one I delve into regularly so I consider it mine even though it's been labelled Stationery/Writing Pads.

The 3rd as you can see, is of course my delicates & jewellery drawer. Debated over whether I should show it, but decided in the end that nobody could see anything they shouldn't, and we're all friends here, right? Right??! :)
....and yes, it does always look this tidy!! About a year ago I had one of THE untidiest drawers around and after I had found it hard to find a particular piece of underwear one day, decided that it would be that way no more!
I did the deed and it's looked this cool ever since! Yay to me! lol.

If you would like to take part in the meme or just see others' Top Drawers, then visit Helloo Owl's site here. This week's theme was suggested by Danielle from Danimezza.


  1. So neat and tidy - impressed and jealous, Pam!

  2. Oh how fun. I would love to poke around in your stationary draw. How does your underwear draw look so neat :P

  3. Sooooooooooo neat - your very very good! thanks for sharing such an intimate 3rd drawer hehe

  4. you even label your draws, you put me to shame.

  5. I can see ya undies.............Pam, you surprised me............!!!!!
    Better move it all now, cos now the burglars know where your millions of dollars worth of jewels are............

  6. wow - my tops drawers are full of scarey rubbish!!!! I love the quote at the top and put it on my blog not so long ago. It's amazing what you see appearing on blogs - love it!

    I'm off to have a good look round now.


  7. WOOT! It's not every day i get to see lovely undies on the internet (which just goes to show how well-behaved I ACTUALLY am) :)

    Great Drawers... *wipes a tear* oh I'm laughing at my own cleverness. oh dear.

  8. Ha, I thought about taking a photo of my underwear drawer, but it wasn't actually interesting!

    Love how everything is neat and tidy. Sometimes mine look like that ;)

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  10. WOW that is one immaculate undies drawer, i am impressed and a tad envious. i hate to think what's lurking in mine coz it's so very cluttered & most of the smalls haven't seen the light of day in years. me think it's well overdue for a HUGE clean out!

  11. I just feel sooooooooooooooo untidy after viewing these drawers.

  12. Oh boy! I don't know that I'd be brave or daring enough to show off my top drawer of anything! yikes....
    I think the only organzied one would be the cutlery the moment everything else is in a bit of a mess....

    guess I know what I should work on! lol

    ciao bella

  13. Your drawers are so neat. Definitely top drawer...

  14. Hi Pam,

    what wonderfully clean draws you have.

    Thanks for the comment I could not work out why I was not getting comments into my email box and it only showed up on the blog I forgot to change my email address well that's fixed now just thought I would pop over and visit and say hi,And to let you know why I didn't reply to your comment I alway like to leave a reply

    Have a beautiful Evening Lisa

  15. Pam you put me to shame. I never have tidy drawers and my underwear drawer is just a mess! maybe I need to have a clean out?

  16. Thanks for that Patrick. Nice of you to drop in.


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