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Friday, March 26, 2010

My Creative Space ~ Newbie

I'm a day late, and I hope that's ok, but I've joined in to play in My Creative Space which is hosted over at Kirsty's at Kootoyoo.

This is what I've been up to the last two days.....and I'm now in the process of stuffing a little bear, a rabbit and a Raggedy doll.

The bear is made from a vintage doiley and I'm going to try to make it look very well loved and aged. I'm so loving the look of very old soft animals.
The rabbit is made from quite worn vintage chenille, and I'll be trying to do the same aging trick with it.
The Raggedy will turn out however I decide she'll look, as I go along!! I'm making her and probably the bear, for my items for next month's Chocolate Crow Trader. But I think I might use another vintage doiley for her dress or apron.

Want to look at more creative spaces? Head on over to Kirsty's and see who else is taking part! :)


  1. Busy corner you have there but what fun !

  2. so much fun! Glad you joined it and goodness look at those animal bits everywhere ;) Hope they all come together soon

  3. Sound like you are quite the busy bee! I hope that you will share the finished critters with us when they are complete.

  4. you've been a busy little bee ... what are you planning with your new babies?

  5. wonderful Pam!
    hope to see more of your creative spaces.

  6. so many sweet things you are making and so many lovely things on your blog too!

  7. Good luck with the deadline for Chocy Crow. I love what I can see of the view you have outside your do you get any work ! Easter wishes, Jenny

  8. Too cute, but I have to ask the question. How do you make them look well aged? I remember and film clip, years ago, when Harry Butler walking through the bush found a little joey by itself. Rather than have it die (or take it in and rear it by hand) he made use of handy trunk of a tree. They showed this all on tele!
    So say it isn't so. You aren't doin a Harry Butler are you? xxNick

  9. Wow, aren't you clever. They look great. Nice to see where other people work. Lou.


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