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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

My Place & Yours: Through the Front Door

Time for another meme theme from Meet me at Mike's. This week's theme has been set by Shelley of Femme De Montmartre, and it's Through the Front Door. Quoting Shelley:
"Hello! If you're anything like me, regardless of how good a time you've had or where you've been, you love coming home. Am I right? Do you?! Sure, there's plenty of work to be done, not sure how much longer our kitchen floor will last, for example, but it's my sanctuary and the people I live with are superb little (and big) beings! So, my choice as honoured (and honourable?!!) Theme Queen for this week is - Through the Front Door. What is it you see when you enter your home? And how do you feel? Whatever happens when you walk through your front door, we want to know about it!"

Mmmmm.......interesting. :)

This of course is my front door, but like a lot of other people, we tend to use the back door much more often. No idea how that came to be, but there you have it. The car is parked under the house and the back door is closer than the front, so that's maybe a reason for it. Probably not very good Feng Shui either! :)

As you open the front door this is the first view of the interior of the house. This is the "unused" end of the lounge room.
Not sure that I can really say exactly what I think or feel when I walk through the front door...well not anything suitable to put here!! Maybe......oh no, the grey carpet is still here and why hasn't it taken itself off into oblivion??
Sorry, I'm not very keen on my house, and I think I realised one day(another epiphany?!) that it is because I've always considered it a house and not a home. We've been here for around 21 years, and it was only supposed to be for about 5! So even though that point has long passed, and I became resigned to staying here for much longer, I think my attitude never changed. Sad huh? Not liking the area doesn't help much I suppose. But I am working on it. Don't get me wrong......once I had this realisation I started work on trying to change things. Might just take a little while. :)
I do have things in the house that I love and treasure and that helps a lot too. eg., my grandmother's pendulum station clock, old boxes and basket of my mother's......other things like that. Oh and of course the husband and cats!! lol.

As you swing around to the left you can see the rest of the lounge room and also the dining room with the pantry behind the table and chairs.

Just for good measure I've thrown in a pic looking out the front door, cos I love all the green stuff in the front yard that tries(not too successfully, to hide the hideous tarmac of the street which sits approx 10mt(30ft) from the front door. Oh my, but I hate living so close on this street!! My biggest worry is all the exhaust that we must be breathing in. Cough, cough, splutter!
But now that the husband has retired, we do have plans to try to make the move to a quieter and cleaner area. Trying to work out where and how will be the next trick! Look out Jackie! We're coming!!! lolol.
Thanks for reading through this ramble of mine.

Action may not always bring happiness; but there is no happiness without action.
~ Benjamin Disraeli


  1. I'm waiting pam. So is the big brown snake wandering my garden today! The animals are so p...ed at me for shutting them all inside.
    Your home looks lovely. Any snakes there?? Maybe we can swap houses???

  2. Hi Pam, thank you for your lovely comments about my dolls I have just been visiting your new selling blog and i love it. Looks like you have been really busy working on it. how did you remove your blogspot from your name? have a beautiful day Lisa

  3. it was a pleasure reading 'through your rambling'! it didn't feel like rambling, actually, made lots of sense. where did the trunk come from, the jade coloured one that you use as a coffee table? i was immediately drawn to that. thank so much for welcoming us into your home.

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog, such fun meeting all these lovely people in the land of blogging! I love the green chair in your lounge, and what a great idea to hang the baskets!

  5. What a lovely tour through your home and lots of explanation too. Not a ramle at all!
    A photo tells only part of the story, your lovely the words tell us the rest!

  6. always lovely to see where the members of the bloggy space hail from. thanks for showing yours and for the tour

  7. As you don't have a blog Midge, thought I would thank you here for your visit and comment. I's always great to visit and see how other bloggers live. :o) Thanks.


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