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Sunday, November 22, 2009

A Brumby?? and My Collection

Think I might have made a brumby/white elephant? Or maybe in this case, a mustard horse head!!
Had the brilliant idea to make this for the Christmas edition of The Chocolate Crow, and do it up much more Christmassy. I got it almost finished and realised that it couldn't be put up for sale online, cos it's 94cm (37in) long!! From the top of his head to the end of the stick, and who would want to be paying the postage costs for something that long?? Groan...... Where was my head that day?? :)
So after doing my items for The Crow I finished it and took it along to the Doll & Bear Fair last week-end. No takers there, and given that I don't do a lot of Markets, it may take a little while for him to find another home!
So maybe if you would like to give him a loving home, and you live anywhere near Redcliffe Qld, and could do pick-up, please let me know via email. If you're close enough I could even deliver to you. He's going for only $25.00.
He's really such a cutie.


The meme theme for this week has been set by Kate over at Foxs Lane. Kate says:

I want to see a photo or photos of what it is that you collect.
Then if you feel like it you could let us know what your collection rules are;
Does it have to be green? Does it have to be from another country? Does it have to be second hand or a gift? Does it have to be old or complete?...
What constitutes a collection for you? Is it more than three of the same thing? Is it rare things?
Is your collection ongoing or is it complete?
...what's your story?

As anyone who knows me will already know, my collection obsession at the moment is for suitcases/boxes/trunks and chenille. You're probaly all groaning at the thought of seeing them all again! lol. Cos I have had pics of them all up on this blog before. But sorry, I have to put more up for this post if I'm going to participate. Just close your eyes for a few seconds while you scroll through them. Hee hee.
I have had collections of many different things over the years, as most people do. Mine have included blue and white china, cats & pelicans. But I think I'm having more fun with these than I did with any of the others.
My rules:
Must be vintage. Vintage-ier the better.
Can have character marks.
Will take any colour.
Think that's about it for rules, really.

This is the chenille that is on view.

But imagine if you can.......
(and don't forget those little cases under the window in the background above)

more chenille hiding in most of these cases in my studio!

The large brown case against the wall (approx 3ft long) holds all our Christmas decorations, and that's a lovely old cane basket on top of it (hidden by the chenille chooks) which has a really old black padlock on one handle. Belongs to mum. I told her I was keeping it for posterity! :)
The large green metal trunk holds our heavy Winter jackets.

These, you all saw in a previous meme theme. All empty, sitting beside my bed.

Last one...... an old, old wooden box that I keep out on the deck. Another one of mum's. Yep.....posterity again! lol.
Love this one, cos apart from the brass fittings and the timbre of the wood, it has a lock that sounds a musical note when you turn the key! How cool is that?
Can't see me ending these collections anytime soon, but I suppose a house can only hold so many cases/boxes/trunks and old chenille bedspreads...........Nah!!! It can hold all I can get!!!! (Ooh speaking of which......sorry Cathy. Had meant to email you and tell you that yes, chenille is candlewick. Was talking to an English lady at the Fair last weekend and she comfirmed it for me, cos I really didn't know when you asked.)

If you're up for having a peek at others' collections then visit Meet me at Mike's and click on the links to other blogs. Sure to be some brilliant ones.
Thanks for visiting.

You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step. ~ Martin Luther King, Jr.


  1. Well Pam you are fast catching up to me in the suitcase dep't. A lovely collection and the musical lock sounds very interesting. x

  2. Love those suitcases.
    I'm sitting here wishing that I collected suitcases!!!

  3. ALL GOOD! look at that pile of cheniile. Yum!

  4. I love the suitcases! your collection is impressive!

  5. Your cases are fantastic! And great to see them serving a practical purpose - love the red one best!

  6. well if you even need to leave in a hurry you will not be short on a case to take!! They are very cool.

  7. Oh my, looks like your collections are taking over your house. I think this theme was meant for you.

  8. Poor little horse. He's lovely. Maybe you could take the pole out for postage?

  9. What a dear little horse, hope you find a home for him. Great collection of suitcases. A girl can never have enough, can she? Thanks for answer re chenille, I had wondered ....... :O) x

  10. Cases and chenille and cases of chenille ... me too ... your collections are gorgeous!


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