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Saturday, October 3, 2009

The Virtual Open Studio Tour has started!!

So the virtual tour begins! (See previous post) Hope I have enough photos for it. I have shown pics of the studio on this blog previously, but I have changed a few things since then.
My Studio downstairs has been made by closing off half of the area under our house. The car, my husband’s work area and the laundry all live in the other half of the space. The studio measures approx 4 x 5mts (14 x 16 ½ feet).
I just luuuuv sitting down there surrounded by so many things to do with craft. I can put what I like out on display (if I have the room!), and I love to sit and look around at things that make me smile. I can play my music CD’s and recorded books or watch the small television I also have in there.
I have my collection of vintage chenille and old suitcases and my one old hat box. I also have on display things that friends and family have given me over time, and other vintage finds from second-hand and op shops.It’s a totally different feeling being in my studio, than even sitting upstairs in one of our nice spots. Perhaps because it’s my space, and it’s where I do what makes my heart sing! Enjoy!!
This is looking in from the front(side) door towards one of my much treasured silky oak drawer cabinets, the table I wrap up any sold items on, the vintage kitchen cupboard that I keep all my chenille in(fast running out of shelves!!), a pine table(that my friends and I sit at on our very rare craft days) and above that table attached to the ceiling, is a ladder, (built by my handy husband), that I hang all sorts of things from to keep them up out of the way.
That lovely big round mirror in the middle of the pic, is a very old one given to us by my mother-in-law when she was alive.

Still looking from the front door, but to the left, is my semi-industrial overlocker, all my cottons, another of those silky oak cabinets, a small stack of old suitcases(with my hat box on top) and the window out to the back yard.

Again, still from the front door, swinging to the right, are two things that I don't think I could ever really do without!(Apart from my computer and digital camera) The large cutting table that my mother gave to me(approx 1mt wide x 2.5mt long (4' x 7' 10"), and my semi-industrial sewing machine. In the shot you can also see the shelving that holds all my finished items, the small television, filing cabinet (where I keep all my patterns in hang files), some more small drawers and of course, another stack of vintage suitcases!! Lol.

Another shot up the other side of the cutting table.

This is taken from the door which leads back into the laundry, towards the two sets of shelves you couldn't see in the shot from the front door. One holds all my fabric stash(which doesn't always stay in order or colour co-ordinated!), as well as lots of other "stuff"!
The other one holds most of my craft/art books and mags, small drawer units for beads, buttons and findings etc. It also holds a multitude of canvases, old books, frames and tins etc, that I plan to use in collages and assemblages....... one really!! :)

Still from the same doorway, this is looking out through the front door.
The pine table and overlocker again, but you can also see the hanging ladder better, a li'l old case that I made into a holder for all my Cloth Paper Scissors and Quilting Arts mags(as well as those other mixed media publications that will remain nameless in this posting!) and on the table you can just make out a sweet pig on a wooden pull toy. He has a speckled chook on his back and a sunflower behind him. I was fortunate enough to be asked to make a pattern up for him and it was published earlier this year in a well known craft magazine here in Australia. Under the overlocker you can see a large basket that holds all my UFO's.
You can also see an old green chair, that cost me all of $5, that I love to sit in with a cup of Mocha and read my mags, or just chill and look out over my domain. :)

Well, hope you enjoyed the tour. It was fun for me to show you. If you'd like to see more studios that have participated in the Tour click here.

Thank you so much for taking the time to visit me and a little of my world. x

Friendship is the golden thread
that ties the heart of all the world.
John Evelyn


  1. Pam what a beautiful studio ! I know exactly how content you feel being in your own space , I feel the same way . Thanks so much for the fantastic tour .

  2. Wow, considering you are in half a space, what a space! My absolute favorites are the old suitcases and the beautiful word "HOPE" hanging from the ceiling.

    Thanks for the tour and for visiting me as well.

  3. Your workspace looks great Pam. I might see you Tuesday :)

  4. What a lovely space! I especially like that you can see the surface of your pine table! Your suitcase storage is a really good idea, and also I like the wood unit with all the little drawers.
    Thank you for having me!

  5. i so loved the tour of your creative looks like a wonderful place to create...please come see mine when you have a chance...i am having a giveaway...hugs, rebecca

  6. A very wonderful creative space -- I love the combination of soft (your great chenille) with the rich wood. It's a yummy atmosphere! I am thoroughly enjoying my participation in the Open Studio Tour today. Stop by my blog and we'll have a virtual cup of tea!

  7. What a fantastic workspace... (I swear I don't have an inch of table that shows under all the mess!). Its fun to have visited and thank you, Pam, hope you continue to enjoy it and use it to its full potential.

  8. I think I might just die of jealousy after seeing all these wonderful units full of little drawers that so many people have been lucky enough to find. It's evident in your photos and your descriptions that there's a lot of creative joy in this space. Lovely. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Great work space. Thanks for sharing!

  10. You have a lovely studio here. I love all the oak and the colors of the fabrics & threads. The big mirror is great. I've gotten in the habit of holding works-n-progress up in a mirror... helps me see if something isn't balanced. Thanks for sharing your space with us!

  11. I really like the makes your space feel larger and reflects such wonderful colours. Great idea! I love your studio. Thanks for letting us visit.
    Mary Anne

  12. Nice studio!!! Your cutting table is awesome!

  13. I love your studio Pam! That looks like a great place to do some serious creating. I want your big cutting table...of course, I'd also like a room the size of yours to fit it into. hehe!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Hugs, Debi

  14. Pam, you are seriously lucky to have all that space.........
    I have a space the size of your one table I think......but it is lovely to have 'a space' I know, to call your own, and to spend time in it with the things you love, doing the things you love..
    Have fun looking at all the studios, it might take you a year there are so many...xx

  15. I love you creative space! Lots of nice storage cabinets and a bit of fun hanging everywher. Thanks for stopping by my studio! What a fun couple of days.

  16. Lovely. A girl could comfortably while away a good bit of time in that space... :- )

  17. What a fantastic carft room!! I wish I has a spare room in our house that could be filled with craft goodness like yours. It's fantastic! I just love your Solandra Maxima vine! What kind of seeds does it have?
    If you have a chance, come on over to my blog and enter my 100th giveaway post!

  18. Hey Pam, Great Studio - it is so nice to have a set place to work. Just found your blog.. so glad I did... now I can keep up to date. Janelle from warmheart craft and all things country'n'prim...Narangba

  19. Looks like a comfi Studio and a place to relax and have creative fun! So enjoy everytime you can spend time in there!
    Smiles, Anke ;)

  20. wow pam your studio is just amazing like your craft!! I recently turned my formal dining area into my sweat shop but it definately needs your organisational skills to visit denim by deborah!!!!! don't tell me it always looks that neat!!! my area is organised chaos. great to see your special place. hopefully see you soon. deb

  21. What a wonderful tour of your working studio. I love seeing the projects in the making and thought the suitcases for storage is an excellent idea.

  22. Now this one serious work-space Pam! I'm sure you must find it very hard to tear yourself away from it to re-enter the real world once you're right into a project. Very impressive!
    Millie ^_^


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