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Friday, October 9, 2009

Time for the Crow again, almost

It's almost time for the changeover for The Chocolate Crow Trader again, on the 15th. Feels like I've only just put up my items for last month! :) I've only done one item for this month, but have also donated for the free pattern for the month.

This is my main item, and with the theme being Thanksgiving & Harvest, as well as general items, I've put together some fruit and vegies in a very simple prim hessian horn shape, for a Cornucopia. Just for good measure I also made a funny little turkey to put with it. Cute little guy really. :)

This is a pic of my free pattern. Very easy and simple, but I think it looks good.

Joolz has put up this really sweet little blue bear that she has made to look vintage and well used, and Clare has made a great doll called Mrs Heart with her prim little sheep. Very nice, girls.

I haven't done any mixed media for a little while, but hope to remedy that this week. But not until I've finished the item I'm making for a swap that a few of us on Choccie Crow are doing amongst ourselves. I'm supposed to mail it off on the 15th and I'm not even half way through yet!!! eeek!!! Can't wait to get mine. As much as I like to give things, I also love to receive things too! Kid at heart really. lol.
I've also been quite busy getting everything done that needed to be done for my new online blog store that I opened up last week. So I'd better get cracking!

I also want to thank all those lovely people out there who visited my studio tour during the Quilting Arts Virtual Open Studio Tour. Such an uplift seeing those wonderful comments from you all. I sent e mails to or left a comment on the respective blogs, for those who did leave comments for me and apologise profusely if I missed anyone. It was a lot of fun with many amazing studios to look at. I still haven't finished all of them and hope to get back to see the rest.

We cannot change our past....The only thing we can do is play on the one string we have, and that is our attitude. ~ Charles R. Swindoll


  1. Hi Pam. I just LOVE that cornucopia!!! Love the turkey too!

    Thanks for mentioning that ornament swap to me. I signed up for it.


  2. lol love the turkey! I remember my aunt having a real one when I was little and I was so scared of it! the 15th is my b'day! How bout that!
    What a cute little blue bear too! Have you seen the bears I make?
    hugs! Manda

  3. Hi Pam! As always your little creations have just the right amount of realism and whimsy - love it! By the by... how does your 'blog store' work? Do folks use the blog to look for what they want and contact you from there?

  4. Andrea: Thanks so much for the comment and visiting! Nice to see you here. Glad you joined the swap. It should be fun. Wouldn't it be a hoot if we got each other!!?? lol.

    Manda: Thanks for visiting Manda and a very Happy Birthday for the 15th!! I've only had time for a quick look at your site and didn't see your bears yet sorry, but I'll visit again and have a look for them.

    Annie: Thanks so much Annie.
    Yep that's exactly right about the store....and if you click on ORDERING/POSTAGE INFO, you'll find a heap more details. x

  5. Great work Pam........... Love the cornucopia. :O) x

  6. Yes yes yes, this blog is just so nice, dreamy & cool, and..... me like like like!

    Regards from Sweden & Agneta

  7. Hi Pam....well it would be me that is sending to you for the Choc Crow swap and guess what, it's all finished. I did stick to the rules but it's probably not what you are it will be a surprise.
    Your blog store looks great, we have been thinking of doing the same thing. Someone (namely me) just needs to get moving with it.

  8. Cathy: Thanks Cathy. Think I liked yours better! ;-) x

    Agneta: Hi there. Nice to see someone visiting from Sweden! Thanks for your sweet comment too. Looked at your blog. It's lovely. Your home is just beautiful, and I love the things you had in your ex-shop. Just the sort of things I love.

    Christina: Yes knew it was you sending to me! Can't wait to see it!!! Love surprises. :-) I haven't finished mine yet. You've done very well.
    Thanks about the store. Good luck with yours.


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