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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

What a lovely "long" weekend I had!

My husband worked Saturday, Sunday & Monday just gone, and knowing I would be here on my own each day, I decided it would be a weekend just for me. Doing just what I wanted to do, when I wanted to do it. Bliss.

So on Saturday morning, after playing around on the puter for a while, I made myself a batch of oat and sultana scones and a hot Mocha for morning tea, put myself in my studio with it all, and there I stayed, crafting and creating until about 2pm, when I went for a lovely long walk to our only collectibles/second hand shop in the area,(about 4k's there and back) where I spent a little more than I had intended! But did I feel any remorse?? NUP! lol. Just love my stash though.

But I think the best of the lot is the old chocolate box of vintage buttons & buckles! I've been drooling over them since I got them. :)
It's not often I score these sorts of treasures.

Then I crafted some more in the afternoon.

Sunday I visited our local Botanic Gardens where the annual event "What's Cooking in the Gardens", was being held. Celebrity cooks and local professionals take part in a cook-off and demonstrations, and it's quite a big happening. But I was really there for my mum. She belongs to the local pottery group and it was the Grand Unveiling of a bench/seat that the group had been commissioned to make. It had taken them months to plan and complete, from designing every little tile to making and firing them as well. Unfortunately yours truly had an almost (given that I'm only in my young early fifties!) senior moment and didn't take the camera! So I have every intention of going back some time this week (hopefully) to take some pics and I'll post them on here at a later date.

In my opinion they had all done brilliant work on the bench and should be very proud of themselves. It looks fabulous!

I did my crafting/creating trick again in the afternoon. It was much more of the same yesterday as well, and I managed to finish the box that the tags for the giveaway for The Choccie Crow, will live in.

I had a simply lovely long weekend!

Interested in a Giveaway???
Debi from life in my studio is having a wonderful giveaway for her first year of blogging. Just visit her blog for all the details. Though why I'm telling you all this is beyond me. Coz now there will be more people entered into the draw!!! :)) The prize is a seriously wonderful one for mixed media lovers.

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~ William Butler Yeats


  1. Ooooh! I'm loving that candy box of goodies you found! I could have sooo much fun with that.
    Your box turned out really pretty...what a great way to store your tags.
    Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog.
    Hugs, Debi

  2. You're very welcome Debi. Thanks so much for yours! :)

  3. What a lovely way to spend a weekend sans your Darling Pam! And sounds like a very productive one as well.
    Millie ^_^


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