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Saturday, August 8, 2009

New items listed

I've added some new items to the site over the last few days.

Clyde the Camel is adorable and is made from vintage chenille.

Odessa is just the cutest little prim slightly grunge doll. She sits only 6 1/4" high!

Angie is a tall one piece doll that I made quite a while back. She made her debut on The Choccie Crow as one of my first items, and it's taken me all this time to list her on my site.

And Nellie is my item to go up for sale on The Chocolate Crow Trader when it updates next week on the 15th.

Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift.


  1. Pam, Your sweet creations are sooo cute!

  2. thanks Debi, and for visiting. x

  3. Clyde is looking a bit saucy! I could see him in the corner of my bedroom (in a sunny spot of course!)

  4. Thanks heaps for that Annie. He turned out much nicer than I imagined.
    I've put him up on my web site if you'd like to get a closer look at him.

  5. Hello Pam (from up over)
    Thanks for dropping by and leaving your kind comment
    Your art work is delightful. I love the originality and colour
    There is nothing worse than clone this clone that, is there?

  6. Hi Pam! Just popped in to thank you for voting for me at MWO~What a delightful and fun blog you have!
    YOU are a very talented lady!

  7. Hey Pam it was good to see you Sunday. I really feel you would go well at sundays market, see if you could give it one go, I am sure you would be happy. Love your little quote at the end of this post. Hope to see you again soon. deb

  8. Prof ABY: and thank you very much too for dropping by my blog and leaving your kind comment! :)
    Thanks for coming all this way!

    Myrna: It was lovely that you visited my blog. I've left a comment on your blog too.

    Deb: Thanks so much for that Deb. I'm not that sure about me at that market, but you never know....maybe one day. :) and thanks for becoming a follower. I'm getting quite a collection of you all!!


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