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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Green Box

I recently bought a green metal box/trunk that I thought would make a brilliant coffee table in the lounge room. And it does! For the princely sum of $10!!! A definite bargain. But I was sitting looking at it yesterday and wondering if I needed to do anything to it or leave it as is. The green is sort of like that old fashioned green that was used back in my grandmother's day, but a paler shade. Now, I like green of any shade, so it probably wouldn't worry me all that much to leave it that way. :) At the moment my house isn't done up in any particular style, but I have decided I would love to do it out in French country/provincial-ish. You know, mostly painted white and looking worn? So perhaps it would look better white, and then again it may fit in perfectly the way it is.
But I thought it might be fun to throw the ball into the blogging court, so to speak! So.....if any of you have any ideas I would luv to hear them, please. Thanks heaps in advance!

These two pics are part of the results of me trying to make my own vintage/prim egg pattern for my Easter items for The Chocolate Crow for next month. Not sure whether to use two or more sections for the egg, I thought I would make up prototypes using two for one and three for another. I ended up with these two eggs and a third for which I used three sections. That one didn't go quite to plan! Surprisingly, or maybe not, after a little bit of "fudging" it has now ended up one of my items for The Crow! :)) I won't publish that pic though, until it goes up next month. But I'm really pleased with the way they all turned out. I've put these two up on Cloth to Creation though. I do like using the old vintage wooden mill spindles. To me they have lovely character.

C u soon.


  1. Pam, your egg make-dos look lovely and your metal trunk was a really good find. I've never seen one in such good 'nick'. I love green too and I think I would be leaving it green at this stage (if it were me)!

  2. I love the green! I love white, but I think this chest looks like it was always meant to be green.

  3. Hi Pam, The green trunk looks perfect the way it is. Love the Egg Make-Dos very nice indeed, can't wait to see the 3rd one!
    Sandra :-))

  4. Hi girls. Thanks so much for your comments.
    They helped. But I think I knew all the time that I would leave it green. lol. You all just made it easier.

    Sandra....You may change your mind when you see it!!! It's a very strange "egg"!!!!! lol.

  5. We have exactly that trunk but with a bashed in lid! Ours is painted a most horrible froggy green and houses all my sons survival gear from when he was mad on the SAS handbook bought by his Grandma for his 9th birthday. I never thought of painting it and using it for our stuff. I LOVE that green.

  6. Hey, great find..I think the green is lovely, and will fit perfectly with your ideas of future decorating...I have two , but they are completely rusted..!!!!!!!!


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