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Friday, February 27, 2009

Hey Rachael....hope you like it!!!

I knew I couldn't use your lovely gift to dry dishes with, so came up with this idea.
I've wrapped it over a stretched canvas, used lots of blue buttons for TEA.... and free sewed for me on two layers of fabric and sewed that onto the bottom, with more buttons. The lovely old brooch (that was my grandmother's) at the end is symbolic of an exclamation mark!

It's now hanging on the dining room wall. Have to say I'm quite taken with it. :) You don't have to like it Rachael, coz I realize that we all have different tastes in this sort of thing, but thanks so much again for it.
Considering how much craft and art I make, you'd think I'd have a house full of it. Nuh uh! lol. So this is my treat to me. Not that there was a great deal of skill in making it. Most of the work was done by Rachael in the art and the printing of the cloth. Very talented lady. :))

Night all. x


  1. I love what you have done with it and very glad that you thought it was nice enough to hang on your wall.
    The original design was a painting about twice the size of the tea towel, so it's almost back where it should be... on a wall!
    The brooch is gorgeous!

  2. Thanks Rachael. Glad you liked it.

  3. Fabulous job Pam! You really can't beat blue & white as a combo. I'm a sucker for Chinese ginger jars for the same reason.
    Millie ^_^

  4. Hey Millie! Thanks so much for that, and thanks for visiting my blog. Welcome.
    They do go well together, I agree. I once collected blue and white things. Now I collect just about everything! lol.
    Actually I think Rachael had another one that had ginger jars on it too!

  5. If that green trunk were mine - I'd cover it inside and out with quilt batting and then with a beautiful textured white taffeta outside and a baby pink lining fabric inside. I'd decorate all the edges with 1" crocheted lace and put tiny pink rosebuds and pearls on the lace and finish it off with wide satin ribbon and a big bow on the closure. Inside it I'd store all the little keepsakes and treasures I've accumulated over the years: sweet notes from friends, thank you and special birthday cards received, favorite pictures of family vacations and holidays, my grandchilds first gift to me, collectibles too precious for shelves, doilies my grandma made for me, remembrances of my wedding, I have so many keepers and they would all be in one place. I'd put the chest in my bedroom and return to it often, especially when feeling a need for love.
    That chest has wonderful possibilities!

  6. Hi Dianne. Glad you made it here! Welcome to Blogland. :))
    Now that idea for the trunk sounds soooo pretty. I love it! Think it would take more than a few days to finish it too.


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