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Thursday, April 9, 2015

another art doll..... :)

Spurred on by my enjoyment from making the first two, I decided to make another mixed media art doll and did her in a light Steampunk style. Steampunk, if it's not too dark, is one of my favourite styles!
 Hope you like her as much as I do!

I found the making of the top hat much easier than I thought it would be and I've used layers of fabric again for her skirts. a vintage hanky, striped cotton and some sort of shiny satiny stuff! Forgive my ignorance in the ways of fabric!!  :P
She's perched on top of a vintage wooden mill spindle, and I'm going to attach a wee metal tart tin for the base for the spindle so she stands well.

Some of you may remember this little lady from a previous post from last year. Well she never did speak to me in the end as to how she wanted to look when finished, so I undressed her and cut the chicken wire off and she is now the sassy steampunk lady above, just in case you didn't see that!  ;)

I also managed to finally finish this little mixed up piece made from a wire cloche(with a small white porcelaine top knob), one of my sweet dormice in his nest, a metal fluted tart tin and an old glass candle holder.
Don't you love the way you can re-purpose just about any stuff you have into something that makes sense!?  ;)

...and an update on my angel shrine doll.
You may remember that I had a heap of trouble finding the proper crackling medium around here where I live and the one I did use didn't work at all!!?
Well I used one lent to me by my wonderful saviour(time and again) Ro, from over at Luvly Bears, and it worked beautifully, though the crackling may be a bit bigger than Daryle's came out with the medium he uses. Oh the one I used was Jo Sonja's Crackle Medium.
But I'm very happy with the result and it actually looks to me a bit like an old antique crazed piece of china would! So I think I might leave the shine on and not use a matte medium this time.

I may have to touch up his eyes though, as they look a bit opaque or flat. One of the wooden beads I used for them had a small split in it when I started and that might be the reason.

I had a bit of play time with the same Ro as above, over the Easter long weekend, and we had some fun with her gorgeous dyes and I came home with this fabulous bundle of joy!
Now to start using it in some projects for my Etsy store!
Ooh noice!

Not sure if you'll be interested, but I thought I'd start a little 'thing' about what's in my creative space and take a quick shot when I think there's something interesting/mysterious/intriguing on the table in front of me that I have been or am working on at the moment!
I won't necessarily be adding text to the photo, but I know I love looking at other creatives' works in progress so maybe you do too?
Anyhoo this shot was a couple of days ago but I'm still working on these, though I've added another project or two into the mix that aren't in the shot!  :)

Take care.....  x

Anyone who has never made a mistake, has never tried anything new. ~ Albert Einstein


  1. LOVE it! And thanks for sharing your crafting space with us!

  2. Pam my friend you are on a roll. Your art dolls are great. I like the way the cracks are on the Shrine Angel. I think it turned out very nicely. I have a wee visitor this week and have put my angel aside. I've never played with dying things. I really like the pretty colors in your collection. Your work table looks very interesting and I look forward to seeing your clever creations.
    Hugs, Linda

  3. Oh goodness wow Pam, your dolls are fantastic! They're so gorgeous, I'm in awe! I see you've been very creative these last months when I was away. So happy to see you've made so many wonderful creations. And I love the steampunk theme. And oh my, I'd love to do some eco dyeing. Even bought two books about it. And then didn't have time to get to it, lol. Big hugs to you xxx

  4. How cool! You did a great job and I loved seeing not only the beautiful doll but also your crafting space. :)


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