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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

JaM - As a child & Bright Spots

"JaM this week is sharing a childhood image of yourself, one of your favourites, with a little story that explains who that person was....
maybe in relation to who she is today."

That's me standing at around 2 or 3 yrs.
You know, I really don't remember a great deal about my early childhood and don't have many pics of myself either. No idea why, and I'm pretty sure it's not because of anything traumatic. So I've decided to put up 3 of my favs, with a measure of trepidation, as you'll see after the third pic. Just so I can join in with Jody's weekly meme.
The one above is of me with my three cousins. My mum and sister and I lived with them and my aunt for a good many years. This was taken at Wacol Qld, when we all lived in an army house coz my uncle was in the service. How on earth did we all fit in it I'm wondering now though!! Have you ever seen the size of those houses. Doll house more like it!  :)) We even all stayed together after my aunt left my uncle, but the next house was much bigger thankfully.

Probably around 1962-3 when I was 6 or 7
This is me with my mum on the steps of the beach holiday house my grandparents owned for a while at Caloundra Qld. Haute Couture I think not!!!!!!!!!  Well mum looks pretty cool but I'm a very sorry sight having just left the water by the look of it. I do remember some great times spent at this house with lots of swimming at the beach just across the road....and some lovely Christmases that about all I remember of, are cyclones and trying to stay awake to catch Santa!  :)

1960 age 4, picture of innocence (that's a stain on the pic not blood on my arm!!)
I think this is my favouritest pic of myself. Taken on a sofa in that same army house as above, I'm dressed in a gorgeous little frock that my mum had made from an old curtain. We were a bit poor don't you know! A single mother with two children to raise. No support from an alcoholic ex-husband who was to die when I was 7.
I do remember this dress and have looked for the same sort of patterned fabric but to no avail. I wonder if that's why I love prints or graphics of cherries so much?!
This little girl probably never realised that she would grow into a woman who would one day learn to re-purpose and recycle just as her mother had done, but for a very different reason? Coz it's fun and she enjoys it and coz it helps to leave a lighter eco footprint on our earth! REinventing Fashion as Jody puts it. Great description. 

...and I'll guarantee this little girl never thought she'd morph into this sad, lost woman, now 4 years away from the grand age of 60!!!!! who can't seem to find her way out of the emotional and mental quagmire she finds herself in! Menopause?? Perhaps...I'd like to think so, coz at least there should be a light at the end of the tunnel eventually. Oh my, enter HUGE trepidation! Told you.....but there it is, I've put it out there now.

So if you'd like to peek at others' childhood images pop over to Jody's.
♥♥♥♥♥ as not to leave this post on a low note, I do have some amazingly bright and glittery spots in my life that I'm very grateful for, and these pics show one of them.
I received this last week from Linda over at Random Creativity. A gorgeous surprise that made me smile big time. I had no idea she was sending it and I love it all. She loves and is very talented at making tags is Linda! Two lovely tags, a very pretty card, a sweet fabric flower and some beautiful laces. Aint blogland wonderful!?  :)) I'm very lucky and very grateful to call her a friend. Thank you so very much for your thoughtfulness Linda.  x  ♥ 

A hidden beauty inside the card. ♥

Have you noticed the little hearts throughout the post? It's my new parlour trick that I learnt! How do they look Michelle?!  lol.   ♥♥
You'll probably get sick of seeing them eventually! But you can never have too many hearts can you????

Any idiot can face a crisis - it's day to day living that wears you out.  ~  Anton Chekhov


  1. Wow Pam that is big - I feel for you and am sending hugs (I'd do a love heart thingy here if I knew how!).

    If it's any consolation, I enjoy hearing from you, your comments always lift my spirits as you have a way of saying all the right things...with sincerity.

    You're right, Blogland is a wonderful place - it's a soft place to land and I hope you will continue to land at my place whenever you're passing (another love heart thingy here).

    Thankyou for joining in this week Pam. x

  2. Wonderful childhood photos Pam, Nicky would kill to have the bathers your Mum is wearing.I think that little girl grew up into a very clever and amazing lady who probably will be fine once menopause stops screwing with her head. Love your sweet surprise gifts. xxx

  3. Pam I LOVED reading this and seeing those pictures of you. I agree with Jackie, that little girl did grow up to be an amazingly generous, kind & extremely talented lady. Thanks so much for sharing this. Love to you..x

  4. Pam what an interesting post, everyone has a story to tell...... My sisters and I wore daggy bathers too. Usually a royal blue or dark green colour.... Your mum looks very stylish and what wonderful times you must've had staying at the holiday house.

    Love the pic of you as a 4 yo. a sweet little dress you probably kept for 'best'. I had one it was pink and white striped with puff sleeves and a sash that was tied in a big bow at the back. Sadly I don't have any pics of me wearing it....

    How wonderful to find that lovely parcel in the mail, blogland is an amazing place and
    you're right you can never have too many hearts so I am sending you some more


    From a damp NE Vic......☁☂

    Claire x

  5. Oh my gosh I love those pics and wow that's your Mum, amazing! I love your cherry dress too! What a sweet little girl you were, so innocent! (Same skinny legs tho)! Lol!

    As for the woman you have become, well I just want to say what an amazing friend you have been to me, you taught me to make soap, you've helped sort my messy sewing room, help me set up markets & you're always a listening ear when my life seems out of control and you open your home to myself & the girls for our creative enterprises! There is light at the end of the tunnel you just have to hang in there!!xx

  6. Why wait until you are 60? I only know you via 'Blogland' and emails, but after reading this post, and 'between the lines', I would hate for anything about you to change... you are one 'heck' of an amazing lady, and I'm sure many other blog friends will agree... WE are the lucky ones for knowing YOU...yellow chenille and all ;) Thank you for being you!! Happy crafting, Jenny

  7. HELLO! I am catching up with you Pam and loved this post. So lovely to see your photos and read about your younger years. I too, have very few photos of when I was little. I think cameras were expensive and not essential to life then so were only used on rare occasions. I totally understood your reference to being near 60 = I am two years further down that line.......... Am going to sit and have a good read of your posts when I get back in from work. Your prezzies through the post look wonderful. It's a great "pick me up" when something like that happens, isn't it?

  8. Love reading your post today Pam and hearing about your childhood, yes i think we all had daggy bathers. Mum's were certainly creative not wasting any materials and your little cherry dress is beautiful. Its a challenging time now were getting a little older but i'm sure with your great positive attitude to life you will get through this stage.(not looking forward to the "M" chapter)
    Keep happy!!x

  9. Hi Pam, I really enjoyed seeing your childhood photos. I too think the last one is special you are adorable. I can see where you get your sewing talent from. Thanks for sharing your story too. As for heading to sixty hold your head high you look great. I celebrated 60 with a smile. I can't say that is how I felt when I had to celebrate 65 this year. So happy you enjoyed your little gifts. Hugs, Linda

  10. Hey Pam...I just have to say that I totally agree with so underestimate yourself, you ARE extremely talented and an amazing person....chin up my lovely! ...(and thats a positive point right there....just think...I could have said chins!!!!). xxx

  11. Well what a pair we are :o) me dreaming about how life will be some day (it better hurry cause I'm hitting the big 60 in 3.5 yrs)and you with your MEN-O-PAUSE, poor girl, it messes with you body and your head, still messing with mine...not hard to mess with mine though :o))
    But Jacki is right, you are an amazing woman with amazing talent and I love love your blasts from the past, life was tough but so so wonderful back then and I would love to see what you would do with that dress fabric if you got your hands on it !! your Mum looked stunning in her cossie as did you, you were a tiny little slip of a thing (as my Mum would say. Hope your feeling brighter soon and if it helps I cry over an add on the #!@*^@! telly !!!!!.
    Big hugs


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