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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

HELLO!!! Is it me you're looking for!?

Well I've had quite a break from blogging, but hopefully I'm back and firing on all cylinders! :)
Did you miss me? I know I missed you. 

I guess I lost my mojo for a while there. I just googled the word to see exactly what it means and found an extraordinary number of meanings!! But the one that fits my purpose here was...

"Mojo means "finding the magic in what we do". To have "lost your mojo", refers to a loss of inspiration or creative genius; a loss of that special spark.

Yep, that's what it feels/felt like!

 But anyhoo, I do hope you've all had a fabulous Christmas and are now enjoying a better, happier, more productive and much more prosperous new year!

Just thought I'd kick off the year with a post of cooking! Don't ask me why. It came to me, so I'm going with it!
I've chosen two recipes that I used over the Christmas break and hope you like them too.
The first is one of my fav vegetarian meals that I make quite a lot, given that I'm a veggie! It's quite substantial and very versatile, coz it can be eaten hot or cold, on it's own or with a salad/steamed vegetables, or is yummo on a sanger with tomato sauce.
Because of the length of the recipe, I've linked it to a new stand alone page that I've just added to the blog called My Recipes. It's a very tasty nut loaf that you can find it here

Ever so yummy nut loaf!
This recipe comes from my most used vegetarian cookbook called ROSE ELLIOT'S VEGETARIAN COOKERY. This isn't a very good pic of it but it will suffice for now until I can put one up of one that I've made myself.

The second recipe is one for Anzac Cookies with a twist! We love these in this household and I hope you will too. Very easy to make and takes well to a lot of substitution of ingredients.

I'm so loving my new green and white spotted plate that I got from a local op shop. Great pity it was the only one there!

I won't bother with the original recipe coz you can find it anywhere really, but I did get this one from Best Recipes, and then played around with my substitutions. So I'll just give you my splendid rendition!


1/2 cup besan(chick pea) flour
1/2 cup brown rice flour or potato flour
1 cup raw/brown/rapadura sugar or a mix of all or some!
1/2 cup shredded coconut
125gr butter
1 tblsp honey
1 tblsp organic molasses
1 tblsp water
1/2 tsp bicarbonate of soda

1. Sift flour into a bowl. Or you could do as I do coz I'm lazy, and just swizz it around with an egg whisk!! Add sugar, rolled oats and coconut.
2. Melt butter in a saucepan and add honey and molasses and water.
3. Stir the bicarb into the liquid mixture.
4. Add liquid to dry ingredients and mix thoroughly.
5. Place walnut-sized balls of mixture on a greased tray and bake at 175C (350-ish F)for 15-20mins.
6. Biscuits will harden when cool.

The original recipe says that for crunchier biscuits, use more golden syrup(I don't use this, hence the honey and molasses). But I will use an extra tablespoon of honey or molasses depending on the flavour I want.

I was going to add this recipe to Gingerbread Snowflake's Christmas cookie recipe swap (but of course ran out of time to do so!!!!!!!!!!) and added half a red cherry to the top of each cookie before placing in oven, just for that festive look and feel.
I also added a frozen raspberry to half of my cookies, but they didn't come up too well with the heat so I didn't take a pic of any of them. But they tasted very nice indeed!! I so love the taste of raspberries in cooking these days. Don't you?


Strange to see how a good dinner and feasting reconciles everybody. ~ Samuel Pepys


  1. Happy New Year Pam, glad your gettin back your mojo. I know all about losing your mojo. I remember the first piece you posted today. I love the shells and embellishments. What fabric did you use? Your recipes sound interesting, I cannot have nuts, love them, but this old body does not, all my holiday goodies without nuts are just not as yummy. Here's to a new year with a smokin' mojo. lol

  2. I love getting one off funky plates at op shops or markets. The fact that there is only one makes them a bit more special. Your green one looks great.
    I love the look of your anzac biscuits too, they look like a sure hit.
    Glad your mojo is back!

  3. Hope you can keep the mojo working, Pam. I know what it's like, that's for sure. Hugs to you!

  4. Happy New Year Pam
    I lost my Mojo too and I am still hunting for it :o)I get side tracked with the great outdoors, ha ha.
    Love the recipes, wish we had the kitchen done so I could "BAKE BAKE BAKE".

  5. Glad you found yourself... another one of you could be Happy crafting, Jenny :)

  6. Happy New Year Pam! Lovely to see you back. Love your plate and the Pepys quote at the end of your post...........

  7. Good to have you back!
    Hope you had a great break over the holidays.
    Hope you are keeping dry up there too!

  8. Hi Pam, Happy New Year. Those recipes look good. I hope your Mojo is firing again! I got some of the little jelly moulds and thought of you and the birds nests xxx Katherine

  9. I know exactly what you mean. I feel like someone wandering around lost in a desert. I have tons of fabric, laces, beads everything to create beautiful things. I just seem to get bogged down in the quicksand of indecision and hunting stuff I want to work with. I am so disorganized it is pathetic. That is my one New Years Resolution ~ to organize my craft rooms so I can create WITHOUT the nervous breakdown of 'hunting stuff'. Your blog entry has inspired me. I am printing it out and hanging it on the wall above my sewing machines. Thank You.
    I hope you have a CREATIVE New Year.


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